Wednesday, October 26, 2011

our creative space

i'm working on a commission piece this week ~ i hope to be able to show you more once it's done. it's a peaceful and relaxing feeling to be sitting and working on something somebody already wants :)

also, i did an interview with maeg on her gorgeous blog ~ you can have a read here.

and, thanks to kylie for this lovely post. you should check out her new shop if you haven't already :)

happy creative space day! to play/see click here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

new print: succulents

this one is finished and available as a print here!

i called it 'succulents' ~ because although they are a small part of this piece {bottom left} they are the inspiration behind the colours and movement. those solid blue leaves are usually down low, but they lead us through the garden to other loftier plants!

hope you like :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

new fabric

the new lot of fabric arrived yesterday afternoon.
super happy with the results! you can get them here.

happy friday!
hope you're up to something fun on the weekend?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

our creative space

i've been playing around with some new garland pieces. thinking of new ways to photograph them to show the likely pieces for each one. i like the hand-held hanging photos but they do take a long time to do and i really need to make, photograph and pack in one time slot to avoid tangles ~ which is not always possible!

it's fun arranging the pieces up front instead of choosing as i sew. less pressure ;)

also toying with the idea of making some diy packs. what do you think?

to see more spaces or play along click here.

happy creative space day!

Monday, October 17, 2011


i bought this book in a flash on the holidays! i saw the poncho on the front and had to have it. i was vaguely looking for a poncho pattern over winter but never found one that i liked enough. maybe i'll wait 6 months to start on the poncho {even tho the pattern is for a cotton blend} given that it's actually warming up here. in the mean time i have started on this tee. not in white, in a red and orange!! sounds full on don't you think? hoping it'll look ok. i'm planning to adjust the sleeves to more of a cap style if i can figure out how to.

hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

our creative space ~ work in progress

i pulled out my paints for the first time in weeks! it was excellent!
there are quite a few pieces on wood that i've started and i hoped to re-connect with them/work on them. i ended up working on paper with acrylic and pencil.
there will be stitching and one or two more details . . .

happy creative space day!
to see more spaces/play along click here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

inspiration + calm

have found myself hearting lots of beautiful calm pieces on etsy lately. trying hard to incorporate it in my daily outlook :)

hope you like!

:: bateaux + bonsai . labokoff
:: early one morning . ykaihori
:: crossing the li river . jonathan kingston


inspired by this post on the ink and spindle blog and the lastest batch of wholesale orders that were waiting for me when i got back from the break, i've decided to fiddle with my print prices once again. the thing that i'm aiming for is having prices the same in all places! they will be $33 for open edition and $35 for limited edition. {us and aus $ are roughly the same at the moment which makes it fairly simple}.

i thought i'd mention it here so as to let you know in advance. i'll adjust the prices in the next few days :)

Anastalia's tent pillow cases

i was so thrilled to see these pillow cases anastasia made with my tent fabrics! i love the buttons and the design. so exciting!! {big thanks for sharing}.
you can see anastasia's beautiful work here and blog here.

**all images by Anastasia Egorova

Saturday, October 8, 2011


we are back from the family holiday! it was super busy and great. i have to say that my dad and carol were so good having all 4 of their grandsons and their parents staying in the house at once!
this is my dad and my littlest nephew {with his dad}.
i really enjoyed the time away from the computer and completely missed it at the same time . . . just easing back into it and hoping to catch up soon.


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