Monday, September 19, 2011

crochet / holiday

i finished this scarf just in time for spring! made with the green pigeon roof studios yarn i bought recently and this pattern. the top one is also going to be a scarf i think. i'm following a shawl pattern from a japanese craft book via the diagrams! i looked up the symbols as i went along. now that i know what the lines mean, it seems a far more logical/universal way to have a pattern written.

we are heading north for a family holiday tonight~ i'm really looking forward to the break. hope you have a fun couple of weeks :)

water colour

this is a small part of the big poster from dawn's workshop. it's not finished~ it needs more line work and maybe a little more colour in places. it was really fun watching it come together {with lots of help}. watching people work is the best way to learn new things.
dawn posted a couple of pics of us working hard here!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

our creative space ~ cushions!

as well as getting ready for our first ever school concert and going to see it, art supply shopping {always rewarding}, thinking about the last night of the dawn tan watercolour class {and finishing my project for that} and making lists of stuff that has to be done before our holiday next week, i have made these cushions for the couch! and, installing the zips didn't kill me!! it wasn't too hard :)

it's a great feeling to make something from my own fabric designs. i think i'll make some more for christmas presents once the new lot of fabric arrives.

today is the last day for pre-orders for the new designs. i'll be making the second order tomorrow!

happy creative space day! click here to see more/play along.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

last of the new fabric designs

the last of the new lot of fabric designs!
i really had fun with these flower/paper cut shapes. this one feels a little 70s to me!
you can find it here: open flowers, 2 greens

and this one is me working a little outside my colour comfort zone!! what do you think? i'm not sure whether to list or not to list ~ something is telling me i have to be super comfortable with all the new designs to have a 'proper' collection in the shop, and something else tells me this might be a bit too serious!! would love your opinion :)

happy friday!

** also: all pre-orders of fabric {placed before sept 17} receive 10% off. use 'septpreorder' at checkout.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

our creative space ~ more fabric!!

more fabric in the space!! and a couple more to come.
promise i will post about something else soon!

floating flowers ~ blue and yellow
floating flowers ~ grey/blue

to play along and see more creative spaces, click here.

fabric ~ inspired by

'inspired by' fabric ~ available as a pre-order* here.
* the order for this fabric will be placed on friday september 16. thanks for your patience while i slowly build up my collection. i see the pre-order as a way to test the designs ~ and a learning curve for me: i can only guess which designs people will like :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

fabric ~ open flower

the 'open flower' fabrics are making their way to the shop as pre-orders. i'll place the order on friday september 16! colours: deep sea blue, orange {almost neon}, grass/olive green + mustard yellow.
* please note: the photo of the yellow colourway shows the most accurate representation of the darkness of the pencil lines.

hope you like :)

water colour

the top 2 are the exercises from dawn tan's class last week ~ i feel like i got turned on my head {which is a good thing!}. i always feel a shake up when i look in to the technical side of painting/drawing. it feels so the opposite of intuition ~ but good things will come of it. it'll just take time!

the approach was to start without any drawn lines, building up layers of colour. and as with dawn's style, the looser the better. i'm looking for more looseness in my work but as you might've heard me mention before, i find it hard to deliberately make looseness. then there's having the right amount of water and paint on the brush . . .

the bottom one is the beginning of an exercise from heather smith jones' book 'water, paper, paint'. a different approach again, but a more familiar place to muck around and practice. the kids and i had a play on the weekend ~ they were so keen to be taught what i learned.

hope your week has started out ok :)

ps. the lines in the top one are by dawn.

Friday, September 2, 2011

follow store

i posted some prints to the new follow store in surrey hills, sydney this week, which i'm very excited about. the shop looks really great and stocks lots of things i'd love to buy ~ it's by the people of finderskeepers markets.

happy friday! do you have any plans for the weekend?
we were going out tonight but our littlest has come down with his 3rd bug in not so long . . .

ps the watercolour lesson was excellent!


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