Thursday, March 18, 2010

milton . holidays

i've taken these prints across town to a new shop that is opening tomorrow {sat march 20}, 'a shop called milton'. it stocks really gorgeous homewears and leathergoods made by amy and her partner jess and art, ceramics and photography.

here's the address if you are in the area and feel like popping in: 153 greville street, prahran. hours are 11-6 friday + saturday and sunday 12-4.

have a fun 2 weeks ~ i'm off to get organised for the holiday :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

creative space . getting ready

i've been carrying ideas around in my bag this week ~ on little pieces of paper that i've nicked from my 2 year old's sketch book! we sit and draw together most mornings over coffee after the school drop off.
things are crazy/rushed this week~ there are many things to get done before we go away for 2 weeks on saturday. i'm trying not to let this overtake my creating time, but you know how it goes. . .
i'm also putting together some prints for a real life shop, which is very exciting!

happy creative space day. to see more spaces or play too, visit kirsty.

. . . also, big thanks to Jenny for linking my palettes post on crescendoh

Sunday, March 14, 2010

new white tent . a few things about the tents!

i thought i'd show + tell about the tents because i seem to keep painting them! they are my current inspiration.

i associate them with childhood holidays + music festivals, and the fun of sleeping outside under the stars ~ breaking free from the routine of hoping into bed like normal. even though home was in a country area when i was a child, the excitement of setting up a temporary outdoor 'home' was big!

there were many christmas holidays in the late 70s with 2 family tents in our backyard and a family from interstate in each of them . . .

. . . the romance and escapism of a road trip and visiting new landscapes + environments are subjects that pop up in my work quite often.

happy monday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

creative space . wood panels

the light is missing from my space today!! but i've made a start on a few of the new wood panels. i'm still tenting! the tents are such a satisfying form to paint ~ and i'm in need of a holiday, can you tell?
i've made some thankyou prints with this 'honeymoon suite' tent painting to go with the orders from the birthday sale.
i hope you are having some fun in your space today. to see more spaces visit kirsty here.

Monday, March 8, 2010

new painting . 2nd etsy birthday sale!

here is a painting i did over the weekend ~ not sure if it's finished or not. i think it is + maybe if i leave it for a while it'll become clear . . .

on march 11, my etsy shop will turn 2! so i'm having a print sale to celebrate.
** buy one print + get one free {2nd one equal value or less} until sat march 13 **

happy monday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a little inspiration: rachel t robertson

i have a feeling you'll love these collages by rachel t robertson. i love the subtle nature of them and the fine detail.

1. needles
2. leaves
3. gold 2

:: rachel's etsy shop

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my creative space . more digital

most of my creative time was spent getting my haircut short today ~ my hairdresser is on the other side of the city, so a bit of time in the car too + not all stress free!
i'm dying to get painting on my new boards, but i ran out of time. so i sank the short left over time into the computer!
thanks to janelle for the texture advice on these :) i need to remove the 'blur' around the marks, which is the texture of the paper in the background that i haven't cleaned up.
i'm not sure about the texture in this one {it was made by rubbing back the pencil and re-drawing a couple of times on paper}. it translates here as a kind of marble effect, and it's a bit faded! hoping to find more time to experiment!

happy creative space day! pop into kirsty's for more spaces :)

black eiffel

i'm super excited to have my work featured on Black Eiffel this morning. if you don't know it already you should go see, it's really good!
{many thanks to Rachel}.

Monday, March 1, 2010

artisans gallery team

here is some great work i found clicking through the list of team mates from the new etsy artisans gallery team. jessica torrant recommended me for the team {thanks jessica}, and i'm glad i was accepted to join. you can find out all about the team and its members here.

1. winter . jkphotography
2. the witching hour . aliherrmann
3. monique pompom slouch hat . tortillagirl
4. lime green nesting plater set . newmoonstudio
5. affection seed wooden pin . fricdementol

happy tuesday :)


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