Thursday, August 27, 2009

friday . one little element

i got some time to collage today ~ which was fun. i slipped right into collage mode and when i left the house to pick up the kids i could see everything in small pieces, as separate elements and colour groups!
there are some little pieces/parts of bigger images {cut up} that i love so much that i find it hard to chose a single use for them. here is an example in the last 3 pics. a tiny piece that wants to be the centre of every stage!

today definitely feels like a friday, it's very spring-like {which makes me feel good}. happy friday to you :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my creative space . collage

i've been so busy lately with computer work {and self-imposed deadlines} that it's been fun today to start on some other work.
i have 2 kind of lists happening: to-do lists and want-to-do lists.
something on my to-do list: cut my huge pile of paper {i buy it in large sheets} into workable sized pieces and store them safely in my new paper drawers. here is a start on that job!
something on my want-to-do list: make collages! i have some ideas floating around in my head for a couple of weeks and this is a little start at getting them out there.

i hope you are enjoying your creative space today! visit kootoyoo for more spaces or to play along.

* i passed my hazard discovering computer test this morning {not so creative i know, but the first part of getting my Ps for driving the car that sits out the front of our house during the week!}

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mini interview with annamaria

i did a mini interview with annamaria on her lovely blog. thanks again annamaria!
you can see her gorgeous work here :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

friday . new prints!

here is the light in our front room today! the rosemary forrest out the front is being blown around by the wind and the light comes and goes.
i managed to clean up 4 of the files and made new prints, yay {hope to have them in the shop very soon}!
and i was finally able to get some photos of the original pieces . . . i feel like celebrating!
happy friday :)

* my favourite link this week: laura fayer: paintings {jess gonacha swift's blog, treasuring}.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my creative space . right here

here is my space today ~ it's virtual and involves more clicking than anything else!
am colour correcting and cleaning up scans of my work to make prints ~ which i'd love to have finished tonight. not so creative at this stage, but it's a crucial step!!

i had a little time to think whilst clicking and came to the conclusion that working in photoshop is similar to driving a manual car: hold this down for a bit, press down on this one, let the other one go , , , look at the bigger picture and notice all the small details at the same time!

i hope you have had some creative moments today :) to see more spaces or play along visit kootoyoo.

** thanku to Andrea for the feature on sweetndainty, and to Kim for the artist feature on the Udessi blog :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

saturday shopping list . a few things i'd love to have!

1. a perfect view - fine art photograph by susannah tucker on etsy . susannah tucker
2. original block no. 3 by mimidoodles on etsy . mimidoodles
3. the letter bag in gunmetal gray by moop on etsy . moop
4. hooded jacket by retrokinder on etsy . retrokinder

** all images from the shops listed.

to see more etsy saturday shopping lists, go to fancypicnic.

ps ~ not sure why everything is underlined!!


today was about trying to take photos of my new work {and lots of cleaning up in the process}.
melbourne is a funny place {season and whether-wise} and the light is just so tricky in winter with the axis of our terrace! but today was lovely and sunny ~ so i made it my goal to get this task done. but somehow i just couldn't catch the the right light or detail in these paintings. too red, too blue and/or too blurry to fix in photoshop! mmm, if you have any advice or tips on getting around this, i'd be most grateful :)

some fun news: you can see my first ever guest post on stephanie's blog.
some shop news: as part of the etsy weekend deal, i'm having free ww shipping this weekend.
a thanku to Katherine at woollywotnots for featuring my brooch on 'pink friday'
+ a favourite link this week {found via designmilk}

happy friday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my creative space . sketch book + decor8

appointments and driving lessons seem to need to be on my 'work' days :(
we all have appointments i know . . . and because i'm still tramming it, i made my own little creative space on the tram {a leaf from m*'s book}.
i took my sketchbook today and started some ideas which will become my part of a very exciting collaboration {will fill you in down the track!}.

one of my collages popped up on decor8 this morning! i was scrolling through my reader {before my coffee} and thought mmm, that one looks like me, then it dawned on me that it was one of mine! it's part of brittni's {papernstich} favourite things guest post. {thanks again brittni}

for more creative spaces visit kirsty at kootoyoo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a new mixed media piece by our young artist

media: ikea couch with freshly washed cover, texta, nappy rash powder.
i was pretty impressed, what do you think?!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

friday . work in progress

a little work on paper in progress ~ started yesterday and a couple of weeks ago {the green and grey ones in the middle}.
in driving news: am very excited ~ the instructor said this morning that it's time to book the test! they are all booked up til october mind, but at least he said it!
happy friday to you :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my creative space . paper

after 5 days on with the kids, i have to say that i am very happy to be in my own quiet creative space today!
i'm listening to the wind outside and feeling the need to get some ideas down before they fly away/disappear completely.
today i'm back to paper! i'm finding that working on the pendants and brooches has given me ideas for work on paper, which makes a nice circle. the different media kind play off each other ~ or maybe just the more i work, the more i want to work! either way, i have lots i'd like to do!

happy creative working today! to see more spaces, visit kirsty at kootoyoo :)

giveaway . winner!

congratulations to *pretty neat designs*!
big thanks everyone for entering, following, helping with spreading the word and sharing your favourites :)
it's really interesting to find out this kind of information ~ it always surprises me to find out what people think of my work ~ i still find it impossible to guess how each piece will be received. this is where having a blog is priceless :)
appologies for the state of this draw after the event ~ i thought i'd share the whole process!


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