Thursday, August 6, 2009

friday . work in progress

a little work on paper in progress ~ started yesterday and a couple of weeks ago {the green and grey ones in the middle}.
in driving news: am very excited ~ the instructor said this morning that it's time to book the test! they are all booked up til october mind, but at least he said it!
happy friday to you :)


Kylie said...

I do love seeing your works in progress, Belinda... the layering is just gorgeous. Thanks for showing these :)
Re driving news... I feel serious envy building here: How can you be doing your test already?!! In Qld we have to have 200 hours log-booked practise and wait 2 years before we can go for the test! You lucky thing!
Good luck! K

Amanda Nicole said...

I love the navy blue against all the white and soft colours. Good luck with your test!

pve design said...

oh so pretty...

kaitlyn sullivan said...

yum yum 3d! (if i had those red + blue glasses id try it out on the screen right now!)


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