Sunday, March 24, 2013

new work!

i've been painting!
last week was the first week this year with a clear view! the huge list of to-dos was there, as always, but there were actually no appointments or public holidays or days off in the middle of the week for my little one!
i can see how it'll be good to have this as an ongoing thing after the next school holidays coming up at the end of the week. . .

the top one is finished and the second two are very close to finished. the middle one ~ just a tweak. the bottom one ~ i'm going to sit with it for a bit.

also, just 2 weeks left for the pozible project! yah!
thanks to everyone who has helped with spreading the word and supporting.

Monday, March 18, 2013


i was a lucky winner of this barbara bee print!
it's a print of a collage from barabara's 365 ways of memories project. they kids and i chose this as our favourite!
i love the original too, thanks barbara :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


wow, nice to be included in this list of great blogs!
thank you mystery {lovely} person who nominated mine :)
i do think the list is missing lots of very cool bloggers ~ you are all over there {needs updating!}--->

Friday, March 8, 2013


it has been in the high 30s for about a week but i'm so hooked on this great bread recipe that i'm baking anyway!

have posted the recipe on facebook and instagram and thought i'd share it here too.

i've never been much of a cook but i have been making changes with what i'm eating as a way of looking after myself and doing the best i can health wise and have noticed good results. it's been worth the effort and doesn't bother me to be not eating sugar, dairy, gluten, soy ~ there are a handful of foods that clash with my medication too, making them ineffective 8{ . . .  anyway, it all seems much closer to my natural food preferences {i was brought up in a slightly hippy place/era!} so it suits me ok!

if you are interested: to avoid the small amount of gluten, i found swapping the oats with half quinoa flakes and half millet flakes with the same amount of water worked well. somehow the millet seems to make it crunchier and a better texture. also swapped the linseed for sesame and pepitas {linseed = estrogen issues!}. i made a version with just sesame and chopped dates too ~ yum! and easy!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


i think this one is finished! have to stop myself from going too far with it, especially when it's 10 x 8 inches! this kind of work sometimes begs to be made bigger. . .  it's one of the paintings i was working on in the pozible video.
the pozible project is doing so well, thanks to all the lovely people who have supported and helped with spreading the word. it's all really great :)


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