Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i jumped on with instagram! perfect for quickness and keeping up with the flow. thanks for the tip and as always , thanks for the comments and support :)
i had a weeks delay between treatments this round, waiting for blood levels to come up, and took the chace to start some painting. also bought this amazing silk/cashmere/merino lace yarn - it was fun even to make a ball from the skein - so bright and luminous. what to make!!

ps the photos are not showing up it seems and i will pop back when I figure out how to share the links! . . . . ok, got the pics here by downloading through facebook!! am sure there must be a more direct way?? my user name is gretchenmist or maybe belinda kemp ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012

hello! it has been a little while . . . . i thought i'd pop in and share some photos i took with my new iphone {yes, i've joined the 21c!! how good is it?!}

i'm in an ok place this week with the treatment. the first round was extreme: 2 good days then 9 days of hideous followed by 6 days in hospital. a couple of things have been adjusted and it seems {i hope} that it will be pretty rough in the first week then ok for the next 2 so long as i'm super careful to rest a lot and stay away from sick people {tricky with kids}. i'm really missing my work time, especially painting, but am busy making sketches and notes and taking photos for later.

hope you are having a fun week xx


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