Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i jumped on with instagram! perfect for quickness and keeping up with the flow. thanks for the tip and as always , thanks for the comments and support :)
i had a weeks delay between treatments this round, waiting for blood levels to come up, and took the chace to start some painting. also bought this amazing silk/cashmere/merino lace yarn - it was fun even to make a ball from the skein - so bright and luminous. what to make!!

ps the photos are not showing up it seems and i will pop back when I figure out how to share the links! . . . . ok, got the pics here by downloading through facebook!! am sure there must be a more direct way?? my user name is gretchenmist or maybe belinda kemp ;)


Ronnie said...

Oh Gretchen, I didn't realise you were getting treatment. Sorry, I've been quite out of touch with blogs recently. I do hope you are going okay. I love the new header (so gorgeous) and would love to follow you on Instagram! What is your username? (I'm pinkronnie)
Ronnie xo

Luna Landing said...

Hey there, good for you, keep it up, you are doing such a great job. I know what it's like waiting on blood tests, can be nerve racking. Will check back for the instagram pics. Barely even know what you are talking about but it is totally time I started educating myself :) feeling waaay left behind....

flowerpress said...

You have a new instagram follower, lovely to see you there :-)

tangled sky studio said...

i wound an amazing ball of yarn today too. that's the great thing about winding yarn-it's physically and mentally relaxing. there's the meditative act of winding, the feel of the yarn, the depth of color and then there is the fact that the ball of yarn (once wound) is humming with energy and waiting to be turned into something else. waiting is hard but knitting can help...get those needles clacking!

Genevieve said...

I love instragram too and have you seen postagram?

Anastasia Egórova said...

I still live in 20th century with my old Nokia :)
silk/cashmere/merino lace yarn sounds beautiful!
I hope you are well!

nathalie et cetera said...

you have another follower!

deermayor said...

Hey Belinda,

I hope that you're feeling better day by day!

stay strong and smile :)

Happy Sunday

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Tried to find you on instagram but couldn't seem to find your username. i'm tinniegirl and would love to follow you.

Hope you're traveling well this week.

Kylie said...

That green thread is just luminous! I LOVE it :)
Hope the week has been a smooth break Belinda.
Take good care hon. Kx

Alisa said...

Hiya Belinda, I looove my new iPhone mostly because of it's camera and instagram - still experimenting with it but loads of fun. And it's great to always have a camera with me.
So great to see a new painting on the go, look forward to the next installment. x

ElisabethAndrée said...

Hello Belinda,
Most Instagram photos are horr..e but a creative soul like you makes beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing! Another huge virtual hug to you!

Tracey said...

I've just got into instagram too ... and I'm enjoying it (and just found you on there too). :)

I love your painting, and just look at that little ball ... gorgeous! :)

mizu designs said...

Absolutely delicious colours!
So glad you're up to painting and writing on your blog again.

Lorena // gemagenta said...

Beautiful colors! and they pop our with instagram.
I love watching works in progress :)

Le Trung Thanh said...

Beautiful colors
I like this style

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