Thursday, December 22, 2011

upside down

the last month or so has turned my world upside down ~ i found out i have breast cancer! i've had the lump removed and my lymph nodes checked and am so very thankful to have found out this week that my lymph gland is clear.

it has been a crazy stressful time. the hardest part has been waiting for a series of test results. and also telling people ~ that's been confronting! i've wondered about mentioning it here, and decided to go ahead {especially now that i have results and a treatment plan} as i feel a connection/friendship with so many readers and also i think it's one of those things that is life~changing and pointless to try and not mention.

another positive thing about talking about it here is that i can remind you all to get onto the monthly self breast examination!! this is what has been the key positive factor in my story ~ i was lucky because i found it before it spread to other parts. it's scary to think that if i had have left it for even a short time longer the outcome would have been so much more devastating. i had my annual mammogram in march and have had ultrasounds for other things {a cyst, a strange unrelated shape thing} in august which were all clear and just a few short months later i found a lump which felt small but was actually a couple of centimeters big. please, do your checks!

i lost my mother to breast cancer when she was 39 {i was 18} and this is what has made me vigilant but also what has made this time kind of tougher.

during the last month i've changed my outlook from complete shock/fear to one of positivity {mostly!!} as the treatments now are 1000 times more sophisticated than they were 20 years ago and there seems to be an effective drug for each trait they have discovered. i have 5 kinds of medical world treatments lined up which will start mid-january as well as homeopathy and yoga and of course the love and support of my family and friends. **

and i get to have a drug~free {apart from champagne + coffee} christmas and new years.

i know it sounds strange to add, but i hope you have a wonderful christmas/holiday/silly season xx

** the book i chose to take into hospital for the surgery was marieke hardy's 'you'll be sorry when i'm dead' ~ i hadn't read any reviews and thought that it would be a funny, kind of upbeat read. then i got to the story about her friend! weird how that happens! and i want to borrow her friend's idea of the t-shirt that reads: 'thank you' {for all the love and support from friends and family}!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

a new cushion design

i took this brand new cushion cover design to craft hatch yesterday ~ i meant to show you earlier but ran out of time! it was lovely to meet some blog friends and to chat with my sister and penny from pocket carnival!

the new design is completely inspired by the making of the diy garland packs! i really loved the process of choosing the pieces for each pack. the collage is on the front and the last pic shows the options for the back of the cushions. there's a lovely darker version of the original soft aqua open flower design {2nd from the left}.

there's also a version with the 'music festival 3' print on one side and '7 tents' on the other.

the cushion covers are a collaborative project ~ digital printing and production is all local and by michelle at frankie + swiss {will share a link this week when the site launches ~ very exciting!}. i'm so happy with the way they turned out.

if you would like one between now and the end of next week {dec 16th} you can order by emailing me {gretchenmist @ gmail . com}. they are $65 including postage within australia {+$10 for international post}. they will be made and posted just before christmas!

will post a pic of the market next week too.

have a fun sunday!


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