Saturday, July 30, 2011

design for mankind

big thanks to erin for including my fabric in this bookmark it post on designformankind!

hope you're having a great weekend. i've even taken off my scarf today ~ the sun is so beautiful. {can not wait for spring}.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

latest obsession

this yarn by pigeonroofstudios is my latest obsession! i really want to crochet a scarf with it and just love the look of it and i think with the cashmere/silk/merino blend it'll be perfect!

the fact that they disapper/sell while i'm looking at it in the shop {the time that i was lucky enough to actually see it in the shop} only adds to the obsession!

these two are from the sold section of the shop.

happy friday :)

ps. i wrote a short post about the process of designing fabric {to this point!} over here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


i recently discovered the creative women's circle via penny/pocket carnival and instantly thought about joining! i'm always vaguely thinking about what i'd like to be doing in 18 months time when the little one is at school and about the future in general.

there are endless ideas/possibilites floating around! and mostly it feels as though these are connected somehow to international sources and people ~ which is an exciting thing! but, i really like the idea of meeting local like~minded people too!

thanks to tess for posting my profile on the blog yesterday :)

our creative space

thanks for the great comments from last week's post ~ have been quiet on the blog front lately but busy in general. i've been fixing up a couple of the fabric designs that didn't quite work. the bottom pic is the one i uploaded for testing. the lighter areas, which are details of the painting, came out looking a bit stone~washed and faded rather than interesting! also the pencil marks where hardly there.

i like the darker sea green colour though, so i've opted for a solid version with darker pencil lines.

getting ready to make the first order of pre~orders tomorrow!

hope you are having fun in your space!! pop over here for more spaces or to play along.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

our creative space

finally . listing . fabric!!

and planning on fixing up a couple of designs that were not quite right ~ in some cases the pencil lines were too light or missing and the colours went haywire with the 'thinking of you' design . . . overall though, the colours were really good for a first go.

hoping to also get around to see what you're up to ~ life got super busy over the holidays with family visiting. it was so good to see my sister and nephews ~ the 4 boys had a great time together and our boys met their littlest cousin, who is 10 months old, for the first time. it makes me wish we lived closer to each other, instead of having a 2 hour flight between us. sadly, i didn't take any photos ~ kind of an indication of the busyness of young boys!!

happy creative space day! see more spaces here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

our creative space

thank you for all the fabric love!! and sorry to keep on with the sneak peaks . . . we are on school holidays here and i had decided not to try to work this time round, but the resolve is weakening with these samples sitting here!!

so i'm compromising and doing a little bit here and there ~ my small goal is to get the photos done.

and the plan/idea is to slowly list the designs that are ready to go {there are 10 or so} in my etsy shop as pre~orders. that way i could make one initial order through spoonflower {around july 25} with a better idea of quantities.

my frazzled holiday<->work mode brain has been trying to figure out the best way to manage ordering multiple designs in varying quantities at differing times . . . and i think the pre~order is the way to go!! if you have any pointers on straight forward ways to go about this i'd be really appreciative :0

in other exciting news: i just found out that my sister and her 2 boys {3 yrs and 9 months} will be coming to visit next week, along with my dad and his wife ~ it will be so great to have them all together here.

happy friday :)

{pop in here for yesterday's creative space}

Saturday, July 2, 2011

fabric samples ~ sneak peak!!

here is the best photo i could get so far of the fabric samples which arrived in a big sheet. i was like a kid at christmas this morning, trying again to get a good picture. i'll cut them up this week and see about some good photos.

most of the designs worked well and a couple need adjustments.

hope you're enjoying the weekend :)


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