Saturday, August 25, 2012

sketches . process

there has been a lot of sorting in the new place and in my brain! a lot of picking up of what's crucial to my being/happiness and even more throwing away. some of the throwing away feels premature and like more of a wish to be in a free-er place than an actual way of being in a better place but i'm doing it anyway!
i've been trying to get a feel for where my work is at/can be at ~ it's been on the outer for a while and what i was doing before doesn't all seem relevant anymore. which is ok! the trick is to have a little time and somehow slip into a peaceful process rather than be overwhelmed by the panicky stuff of not knowing. you know the feeling? so, working on what felt comfortably familiar {camper at the bottom} and exploring new stuff in quick acrylic and pencil on paper sketches. 
a very good thing to come from the sorting/getting back into work so far: i realise now how much i had been ignoring my intuition, for however long ~ something i don't intend to let go of again! yah!
i hope your weekend has been a fun one!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

inaluxe special mail

look what arrived in the mail today! the top one is an original acrylic painting by kristina sostarko and the bottom one is a print from the new inaluxe series. aren't they beautiful? the print is so aptly named 'new life'. i'm sorry that i was too impatient to take a pic of the parcel with inaluxe wrapping paper in tact! thanks so much kristina + jason, i love them xx
i can't wait to put them on the wall ~ i'm more determined than ever to get my art collection up and visible. will post some photos of the results!
check out the inaluxe shop + blog {if you are not already a big fan}.
happy friday!


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