Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the F blanket

i promise he was much happier about having his new F blanket finished than he actually looks ~ those poor tired arms just couldn't hold it up for more than a couple of seconds! i finished it just in time for the warmer weather {lucky it's cotton} :)

we are in the middle of birthday season ~ my baby turned 5 yesterday!! my big one is turning 8 in a couple of days! lots of fun things happening . . .

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

my creative space . i-phone cases!

 my first creative space post in such a long time!
{thanks so much for the comments on yesterday's post}.

i jumped in and uploaded some work to society6 to make some i-phone cases. actually i need a new one and what better way to justify a seemingly frivolous purchase than 'business expense'!

you can find them here ~ and there is free shipping until the end of sunday.

off to see what you've been up to :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a personal but still work-related post ~ avert your eyes if you like!

i had a day to work on the weekend and though i was aching to get into it, i was circling around things on my desk, still at the difficult beginning stage.

there's a bit of a battle going on with this at the moment ~ bound to be the case i guess as there has been so much change in my life this year {stuff you probably already know from reading}: my health situation/future is promising but ultimately and unavoidably uncertain {something i can live with day to day, but it still hangs there}, my 'husband' removed himself, the kids and i have moved house, there is no clear routine set up yet, i have processed a change of school for the kids for next year {for the better!} . . .  when i lay it all out like this it sounds like one of those stories that happens to people who are somebody a friend of a friend knows, the stuff that sells gossip magazines! or maybe it just feels that way once all the details are there {i won't bore you!}.

but, i can feel the mixed heaviness and excitement/promise of more change and the financial pressure {financial support while i work away on my thing isn't there anymore} conflicting with reality and both holding up and forcing the change at the same time! a strange cycle! the reality: i'm still averaging 3 appointments a week until mid january and recovering from the year so far; my youngest isn't at school until next year; there is far less mental energy available for working and creativity as a single parent; my business is kind of on hold/hasn't yet flowed to a point of being able to look like an income . . . .

the positive change which feels on the verge but somehow blocked includes changing my name, changing my business name {which is tied up with a very romantic version of the x} and also changing my work practice in a few ways. the block with the first two is my lack of imagination and the realisation that i'm not at a point where i can choose something suitably uplifting and fitting just yet ~ i can't know what the future will hold til it starts! the block with my work is to do with lack of time and the almost-year of not working taking its toll on my confidence and momentum. i remind myself that this will have a chance to get better next year when my youngest starts school and my appointments slow right down to checkups.

in the meantime? i can agree to muck around with whatever comes along until the time is right, i guess! without stressing! i hope.

anyway, i know this post is personal {i've had it forming in my head in vague snippets for a while, along with a million other things and ignoring it seems to block other posts from forming} but i value the friendships i've made here, and honesty ~ although i still cling to protecting my privacy from people who no longer matter . . .  maybe by writing about this stuff, some of it can start flowing/come unstuck in a good way and even help with progress! acknowledgment is the first step isn't it?

:: the 2nd and 3rd sketch are random ideas that have popped up in the process of getting started! the first one feels like where i want to be heading and a bit familiar.

hope your week is good so far!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

miranda skoczek on the design files

you've most likely already read this great interview with miranda skoczec on the design files by now ~ if not, it's a treat. so much of what she talked about resonated for me ~ so many familiar experiences and viewpoints! i remember reading miranda's artist statement in the past and thinking, yes!
i especially like her 'dedication to the pure aesthetics of painting' and share her rejection of graphic design as a lifestyle/career thing: 'as sitting at a desk and working on the creative briefs of others just wasn’t going to cut it'.
don't you love it when reading about someone you admire kind of backs you up on your own thing?
happy friday!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 sketches

after 4 weeks of doing not much at all, other than recovering from the huge surgery {which went really well} i've started some sketching. these were inspired by a morning walk by the creek!

i have taken the first step with something super exciting for next year too ~ hopefully i can share the news soon. once 'life post separation' things are closer to being sorted out i can be more open here with plans {it has been a horrible/nasty experience so far}. so, yes, i'm very much looking forward to next year, the next thing and freedom from all that!

hope you are doing well xx


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