Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

happy 2010!
i didn't make any resolutions this year ~ but i am hoping to hang onto the priceless feeling that infinite fresh possibilities are just about to happen {not always real ones, but it's the thinking that counts!}.
here are some new beginnings/in progress {including my beautiful red diary} ~ more/clearer pics coming soon.
+ fingers crossed for great things happening for all of us this year :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a treat arrived today

i felt really lucky today when i opened this package ~ sent to me by kristina {inaluxe}. just lucky to have 'met' such a sweet + generous person who makes really gorgeous work.
have a squizz at inaluxe shop + blog ~ it'll make you feel happy :)
big thanks kristina!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy christmas

i know it's not til friday, but i thought i'd pop in to wish you a happy christmas + lots of relaxation!
i think that christmas day might feel like the actual start of the holidays here, even though they've started already ~ it has been busy and slightly stressful ~ due to my driving test, which i failed yesterday . . . it was a big nervy build up and even though i wasn't 'expecting' to pass i'm upset about the concept of being housebound during the hottest months of the year. my fingers are crossed for next time!
thanks for reading this year + happy beginnings for 2010 :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

giveaway winners!

we have 2 winners:


thanku for all the thoughtful {and useful} comments and entries :)
hope you are having a great weekend.

the Udessi gift guide

Kim has put together this lovely gift guide if you're still in need of some shopping . . .

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the collaboration project!

i'm so excited to share these pics of the collaboration project ~ between kim wallace from udessi and i ~ porcelain 'dream' pendants on sterling silver chains.

i'm really happy with them ~ kim has done a beautiful job with the making {big thanks kim}.

they are limited editions: 30 of each of the 3 colour combinations.

available exclusively through udessi, go see :)

* images are ©udessi gallery.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

BOGO print sale + giveaway

my final sale/promo for 2009!!

i'm having a BOGO {buy one, get one free} print sale in my etsy shop this weekend {ends sunday night}! just in time for last minute christmas shopping . . . just leave the title of the print of your choice in the 'message to seller' at the checkout for the free print.

i'm also having a pre-christmas giveaway ~ as a way of saying thankyou for the blog love this year :)

i'm giving away this original block print that i finished today and this new print, 'camp site', which i hope to get into the shop before the end of the weekend {just need some bright photos}!

2 winners will be drawn randomly on friday dec 18 ~ please leave your contact details in the comment so i can let you know you've won! the first winner can pick from the 2 prizes {i think that's the best way to work it!}.

to enter:
* leave a comment {i'd love to know which print/series of prints you like best from the prints available in my etsy shop} = 1 entry
* follow = 2 entries
* help spread the word, either via twitter or your blog = 3 entries
{please post your link and/or include @gretchenmist in your tweet}

big thanks + happy holiday preparations :)

**don't forget to sign in to leave link your blog details!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

my creative space . a start

i think mid-december = a universal push for time!

i managed to start this cutting today ~ only had 1.5 hours up my sleeve . . . have had the idea in my head for nearly 2 weeks. it had gelled, but when i sat down it was mostly gone! hoping it will re-visit when i get a little more time

. . . i had a little help on the sketch/doodle with the trees!

. . . am getting more and more obsessed with these flowers :)

hope you felt calm + creative in your space today!
for more spaces, visit kirsty {big thanks to kirsty and you for making thursdays so fun + meaningful}.

Monday, December 7, 2009

a little inspiration: jennifer davis

here's a little inspiration which i hope you will enjoy!

:: high noon
:: pack
jennifer davis

it has been such a stressful week on the home front that just making this post has relaxed me a little! here's for a good day tomorrow :)

. . . a quick thanku to liss for including me in the daydreamlilly madeit gift guide.

Friday, December 4, 2009

stephanie's artist advent calendar

i wrote a post for stephanie's blog: a studio with a view, for her december artist advent calendar!
follow these little mits!!

i was trying to think of some typically australian christmas traditions, and i found it pretty tricky because i'm not overly traditional and also i actually couldn't think of any that are uniquely australian. apart from the salads and seafood option for lunch/dinner rather than the full roast . . . and the vegetarian options . . . due to christmas being in summer here.

can you think of any that are noteworthy? do you have any of your own unique traditions?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my creative space

i got kicked out of my creative space today! my husband came home sick + needed our room with the blinds down . . . so i relocated to the kitchen table and in a kind of panic {the one that happens when i have it sorted in my head as to what i want to work on/get done and i realise that i have less than a day in total to actually do any of it!} tried to remember and write down the ideas!

there's lots i could be doing right here on the computer really, but i'd love to be finishing these little paintings, and try out the triangle hooks i bought.

these beautiful things came in the mail at the start of this week, as part of the artist exchange email project. thanks to leah duncan {the first 2 pics} for the gorgeous cards and hand drawn note and letha colleen for the divine aceo :)

hope you are having a fun time in your space today! for more creative spaces, visit kirsty.

also, big thanks to kristina for this lovely post :)


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