Thursday, March 31, 2011

shopping for me again!

the words that i love to hear: 'why don't you see if there's something on etsy that you'd like'! it's hard not to be materialistic when i'm on etsy so often . . . so it's easy to find great things.

i'm turning 40 on the weekend~ which i'm ok with! i was thingy about it a few months ago when i hit the age of outliving my mum. but getting past that makes feeling funny about getting older seem frivolous. it's definitely worth celebrating.

happy friday too :)

:: lingerie sweetheart neckline pendant . gemagenta
:: coastal rainforest pin cushion . fogandswell
:: my moon my man ecofleece sweatshirt . blackbirdtees
:: slouch hat . tortillagirl
:: vintage art deco necklace . julienolan

**all images from shops listed

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

finders keepers gift guide

i was really excited to see that amy {umbrella prints} included my 9 flowers embroidery in her gift guide for the finders keepers blog! i love the other pieces she picked. thanks amy :)

my creative space

working on some drawings that i make into patterns for fabric . . . {kind of short on words today!}.

happy creative space day! to see more pop in to kirsty's.

Monday, March 21, 2011


this is one really beautiful way to help raise funds for japan.
by minicyn.

happy tuesday~

Friday, March 18, 2011

fine art friday . an exhillarating ride

: remember . jenniferdavis
: into the mystic . honeytree
: at sea . set of two 5x5 photographs . analoguelove
: the first freedom . {a new one by} drkennedyjones

*images from shops listed.

loving the playful/romantic sense of freedom in these pieces.

listening to: random noises coming from the kids' room {past 9pm and they should be asleep} + fireworks?? + julia stone {her sound reminds me of a handful of others . . . . but it's growing on me} . . .

happy about: friday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my creative space

the week has flown by!
have been working on paper and the computer . . . making holes with a pin, stitching, painting, drawing, and playing with the first idea for fabric. fun! and lots to learn!

>> click images to go to flickr=clearer

happy creative space day!
visit kirsty here for more.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my creative space ~ re connecting

our phone and internet was disconnected this week . . . you can imagine the disarray! it's a particular kind of disconnected, hands tied behind the back kind of feeling. we've got a temporary solution {no phone} and it's going to be 1000 times better when it's all fixed up, sometime soon. i can see how a break from the internet can be healthy, but only when if/you're ready for it!

. . . mr 3 and i went out in the rain to take garden photos and i put some stitching detail into the almost finished work in the top photo.

hope you're having an inspiring week! pop into kirsty's for more spaces :)

ps thanks so much for all the encouragement re the fabric idea ~ can't wait to start on it xx

Friday, March 4, 2011

fine art 'friday' . sarah giannobile

:: dream of white light
:: living form
:: dream
:: james town

it is saturday, night . . . fridays seem to be getting busier . . .
hope you like sarah's work ~ i think her drawings are amazing and i love her colours.


i was looking at this dream workshop/camp last week and my mind started racing ~ how great would it be! for a couple of hours i started trying to figure out a way to get my family and myself to sweden!! hmmm.

this great article on creative burnout made it to the storque yesterday. it's written by lee wolfe, a very savvy and creative artisan gallery team member. it includes some thoughts on the topic from some team mates, including me! {thanks lee}

also, thanks to jan for including one of my new prints here.

happy weekend :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my creative space

i chose a space in a favourite cafe this morning to clear my head after the school/kinder drop off.

the woman sitting next to me leaned over and asked: 'what are you doing? are you designing fabric?' then she said she liked it!

so there it is. that's the other thing i want to be doing!

happy creative space day :)
pop over to kirsty's for more


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