Friday, March 18, 2011

fine art friday . an exhillarating ride

: remember . jenniferdavis
: into the mystic . honeytree
: at sea . set of two 5x5 photographs . analoguelove
: the first freedom . {a new one by} drkennedyjones

*images from shops listed.

loving the playful/romantic sense of freedom in these pieces.

listening to: random noises coming from the kids' room {past 9pm and they should be asleep} + fireworks?? + julia stone {her sound reminds me of a handful of others . . . . but it's growing on me} . . .

happy about: friday!


Jennifer Davis Art said...

this is wonderful! thank you so much! xoxo-jd

L.Grainne said...

So delighted to be included with all these lovelies !!
Thank you :)

Erika Lee Sears said...

i love kennedy jones.. so amazing :)

hollie said...

aw, thanks belinda!! i hope you have a wonderful weekend. ^_^

Meeling said...

They are all lovely!!

Fun "sounds" you were listening to...I always love it when I take a moment to just stop and listen.

Happy Weekend!

tangled sky studio said...

perfect images to end my night...thanks for sharing your finds : )

Luna said...

Beautiful and inspiring finds - I thank you so much for these on a tired saturday night :)

Tracey said...

Another beautiful art selection ... I know what you mean about Julia Stone, the more I listen the more I like ... perhaps that's the way she works? :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Kylie said...

Fantastic finds Belinda!! Hollie has a new one? Where have I been hiding? Must catch up. Thanks :) Kx


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