Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my creative space

my space was pretty hectic today {usual i guess}. after colouring my hair, i started the first paint layer on one of the four new ones in the top picture. i made some product images for 2 prints {more on flickr} and finished off the 'twilight mist' painting {didn't get very good shots of that to show}.

tomorrow instead of having friday as a painting day i am off to my dad's place again {by myself this time} for a 2 day visit. my step mother has organised my sister and i to meet him at his retirement staff 'party' at the local surf life saving club - and he is none the wiser!! he has been playing down his retirement but we all feel that it's actually starting to be a big deal, so hopefully the surprise of having us there will be good for him. for some reason images from 'about schmidt' keep popping into my head, but no doubt it will be absolutely nothing like that! am looking forward to it - bar the flight and being away from home for 2 nights {it still seems weird to leave the kids but i guess it's only the second time away overnite}.

to play along or see more creative spaces head to kootoyoo :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

friday . work in progress . etsy day

i worked on this painting today. i lost 2 albums in the process! i started on the white layer, about one third of the way down, and before i knew it a whole album had played {beck - the album after 'the information'. i don't know the title as it's on my shuffle!}. this happened twice. don't you love it when you are so absorbed in what you are doing that time means nothing?
sadly this pic doesn't bring out all the detail in the painting as the board is half a centimetre too big for the scanner, which means it's not flat on the glass. not sure what i'll do about that.

happy friday night. hope you are doing something fun to mark the end of the week :)

did you know that it's etsy day today?


i'm very excited to be selling 9 of my prints through Udessi, an Australian online gallery curated and run by Brisbane artist Kim Wallace {a lovely person}. here's a little mention on the Udessi blog.

my creative space

most of my creative energy this week has been devoted to learning the art of making a soy latte with my new coffee machine. am so excited to be able to make myself a coffee that tastes as good as my cafe coffees - and as a soy coffee drinker i am pretty fussy {most places seem to really muck up the soy part making it taste like soggy burnt cardboard - if you hate soy that's probably why!}. will work on making it look pretty too . . .

the pic above is a screenshot of a couple of new prints i am working on in photoshop. i need to clean the backgrounds and make the colours work in the print like they do in the original. {am having second thoughts about the one on the left}. i'm hoping to get to my other desk tomorrow and let out almost 3 weeks worth of creative energy!!

to see more creative spaces or share yours, head to kootoyoo to play.

thanks to mallory . where the lovely things are for the blog mention.

hope your week has been great :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my little art collection

a couple of really exciting packages were waiting for me when we got back from holidays - the beginning of my etsy art collection :)

> as they were . leah giberson
> near you {one} . leah giberson
> break your heart . brandi strickland

i just love them! and i can't wait til i'm rich enough to be able to buy the pieces i fall in love with whenever i feel like it!! my otherwise fairly contained materialistic streak comes right out when it comes to art :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

getting back into it . good to know project

this is a 'sketch' that i did while drawing/painting with my 4yr old before we went away. i stuck it on the fridge because i like it when i'm 'in' my work and little things come out when i'm not actually thinking too hard. i also knew that when we got back i'd have that sinking feeling/fear that it'll be an upheaval to get back into the swing of it!

it seems to help, looking at the little reminders/scribbles! and also i'm trying to just wait til thursday when i can actually give myself a chance to actually get into it!

there's a whole world of advice available on this kind of topic at pikaland. amy has put together a great new project 'good to know' which is a collection of thoughts from artists/illustrators on creativity and how to reboot.

happy monday :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

saturday shopping list . art

1. sleeping polar bear hand-stitched original etching by emma kidd / unique piece . benconservato
2. landscape 304 - sale . cwysart
3. we flock or scatter or both . kmasback
4. snow melt . greyocean
5. south side - lake michigan abstract painting by tina-m . thecyclingartist

it's actually sunday here . . . yesterday was all about a 4 year old birthday party which was lots of fun :)

most of these works have been in my favourites for a while, i hope you like them.

to make your own saturday shopping list and check out lots of great ideas {and support fellow etsy sellers} go to fancypicnic.

cathy cullis has included one of my drawings on this weeks' list on her beautiful blog november moon. thanks cathy :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

holiday pics . links

hello! thanku so much for the birthday/holiday wishes and comments.

here are some pics of our travels :) it did rain all but 2 days. these photos are from a drive from my dad's place to the beach – a back and forth trip from childhood! the landscape looks better in the rain i think, especially on the side with the cane fields.

i have people to thank for posting about my work while i was away – some beautiful blogs that are new to me too, go see :)

ju . studio home creative
nelleke . by nelle
jackie . etsy item of the day
diana . please sir

am off to catch up on my blog reading . . .

Monday, April 6, 2009


just popping quickly in on my Dad's pc to say that Brittni has posted an interview with me on the papernstitch blog today! hope you are having a great start to the week . . .

{thanks Brittni :) }

Friday, April 3, 2009


2 pieces of news:
today i did no work at all as it's my birthday - i went shoe shopping instead! it seems most women wear shoes with heels??? what's with the heels? will keep looking! we had wild electrical storms today – the sky was very dark and there was lighting that was not far away at all. from a middle floor in a department store i could hear thunder so loud i thought they were demolishing part of the building!
we are off to this spot to visit family for two weeks tomorrow. will miss this space! i hope you all have a lovely, productive and fun couple of weeks :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my creative space

today was about posting and organising {am trying to be more organised these days} ! these are off to somewhere special {more later}.

happy creating and thursday :)

to play along and share your creative space, head to kootoyoo.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new prints

have been working on these prints and product shots lately – most of them are on flickr if you are interested in having a look! i've had fun with my props :)
1 + 2. our back yard – am thinking of listing them as a set.
3. what could be

rebecca {edward + lilly} is giving away this gorgeous bunny, go enter!

also, michelle {recylced rings} featured one of my drawings on her blog this morning. her work is incredible – thanks michelle :)


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