Tuesday, February 26, 2013



this is my beautiful new necklace from katie / budpnq. the one i wore for photos for my pozible video ~ it helped my confidence immensely! funny how that works.
katie also featured one of my prints in a necklace listing in her shop, and mentioned my pozible project in the listing to help get the word out! thanks katie :)

it reached 39% on day 5 btw!!! thanks to all xx

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the big exciting news!

the big news i've been keeping stored up is that i'm going to the camilla engman ace camp in may!
i mentioned wanting desperately to go in this post from march, 2011!
i think it's time!!

to make it happen, i've put together a pozible campaign. it was a totally nerve~wracking and all~consuming but really positive process. i did try to do a video version of me talking for the start . . . but gosh that scares me!! photos are not so much my thing either, but, i'm hoping it'll all be worth it.

i had a lot of help from teegs {who was very generous with her time, thanks teegs} and a friend {thanks kate} with putting the text together, including a new bio/artist statement. phew!

anyway, now for the edge of the seat process of seeing what happens . . .

i'd so love it if you would help me spread the word :)

check it out! {eeek! or maybe not so bad as you know all about my year last year, fingers crossed!}

Friday, February 8, 2013


i decided this year to make our own calendar. i did look for one in the shops of my favourite artists and found many i'd love to hang but none of them had quite enough space for writing stuff in.

it was such a fun project to make ~ i really love collaborating with the kids. i let them take the lead, no prompting and we quickly get into a quiet, focused space. the little one works fast! like his ideas have a deadline. although we were both wanting to make the whole year in one go, i thought i'd try to keep it as a monthly habit, mainly as a reminder to actually stop with the busy life things and sit and do more work with them. i'm going to want to keep it forever too!

am also learning how to use imovie to make a video for my big project, which i really hope to be finishing soon :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

getting serious!

hello after what seems to be already more than a month!
the year has started off in an anxious way for my little one and me ~ starting school has been a big move, especially as it is a new school.
as is typical of me, i've jumped in head first the second it looked like the 'work' year has started {it has but the build up of actual available time has been very slow!}. i know it's silly to push so hard but it feels like it's well over due and all a bit urgent.
i have a big {and slightly scary} project i'm trying to put together for something super exciting ~ you might know what i'm referring to ~ which needs a post of it's own! it has involved working on my bio and artist statement . . .
have also 'started' this course to help get back into fabric design/pattern making. 
have started mucking around with some jewelry making, which has been fun but also distracting.
and . . . the best part, i have started painting and have been finding it relaxing, soothing and freeing! nothing like needing to get other areas of work happening {especially if it involves writing} to push me into painting!

i seem to be spending most of my online time on instagram and facebook lately! have never been a fan of facebook, and still don't get how to manage the personal and business page via instagram, but find the speed of posting to these places easy. be nice to see you there :)


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