Tuesday, February 26, 2013



this is my beautiful new necklace from katie / budpnq. the one i wore for photos for my pozible video ~ it helped my confidence immensely! funny how that works.
katie also featured one of my prints in a necklace listing in her shop, and mentioned my pozible project in the listing to help get the word out! thanks katie :)

it reached 39% on day 5 btw!!! thanks to all xx


handmade romance said...

what a beauty!

flowerpress said...

I'm in :-)
A little birdie told me you were dreaming about this workshop, it sounds wonderful!

flowerpress said...

p.s. want the necklace too!

Vickie said...

what a gorgeous necklace!

katie said...

yay! you're almost half-way there! PS: i like the photos :D

Kylie Hunt said...

Such a beautiful necklace! It looks gorgeous on you Belinda :)

Also I noticed the brooch you're wearing too - thank you :) So lovely to see it being worn and looking so fabulous on you.


annamaria said...

It's a super lovely necklace and you rock it!!Almost there..wishing you the best Belinda!xxx

barbarabeesblog said...

Hi Belinda, nice necklace and I'm glad that you already reached 54% that's phantastic.
See you for a muffin and coffee in Berlin!

Krystal said...

its so cute, nice choice!


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