Thursday, January 27, 2011

fine art friday . flat file

:: call and response 9 . collaboration
:: circles and bars 7 . original painting on paper
:: call and response 2 . collaboration

flatfile. ** all images from the shop

love the minimalism, shapes and colours in these. the collaboration aspect is interesting too.

happy friday! any plans this weekend?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

real simple

i did miss my creative space today due to running around + other stuff, but this post by holly {decor8} on realsimple made my morning/day {big thanks holly}!

hope you had a creative time :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

'i've been working on this for years'

says our 6 year old son!
. . . 'it used to be tiny, tiny squares but i've put them together with scissors. before it was with glue. i can put things together with scissors which is really cool, coz scissors are mainly for breaking things'.
i love his work and how he talks about his processes!
hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my creative space

my creative space is starting again for the new year ~ which is a good thing. i like the weekly structure that comes with playing along . . .

i've been working on this embroidery on and off over the holidays. i just didn't feel finished with this shape, from the crochet wall hanging that i've still yet to back.

the tricky part was figuring out how to transfer the drawing onto the dark linen. i printed a re-sised version of the pencil drawing, cut it out {just inside the line} then traced around it with a clover {love clover products!!} white marking pen, which irons off. i tried a couple of other not so great methods which didn't make me give up at all!

the question now is, how to finish the back! i've cut the linen around the cirlce so that it's flush-ish with the back of the wood and left the stitching exposed. i guess it's only the wall looking at my knots!

happy first creative space day! pop into kirsty's for more spaces :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

2 big tasks done, well mostly!

the *fugly* wardrobe on the left used to have an overbearing dark stain on it!

i spent 3.5 days sanding and painting it white! i almost didn't do it, as it's owned by the owner of the house we rent {he wouldn't remove it from the house when we moved in!!}, but i'm glad i did. it's made such a difference to the light and feel of the room. i just need to put some finishing touches on the handles.

the other task i've been meaning to do for ages is start a newsletter for new work/shop updates, sales and giveaways. i'd love for you to sign up {form is in the sidebar}. there'll be a newlsettery prize too :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new prints

:: shooting . limited edition fine art print

i've made prints of my first 2 new paintings for the new year. {the other one is here}.
they are now in the shop.

have also been playing around with the design of my blog! there's lots left to do still ~ but i'll need to work on it when i can without stressing! one of my vague thoughts/wishes for the new year {not concrete enough to be called resolutions} involves trying not to stress about the work that i can't do/finish in the time available and even to limit the 'deadlines'!

a hard one!! it seems a bit counter~something too, as to get the most out of the short work time blocks, it's best to have a plan/list/deadline/goal . . . but, my expectations are often too great and the resulting stress is not do~able long~term!

. . . so, you might notice a few improvements here over time :)

did you factor in any stress~reducing thoughts for this year?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

summer reading

2 great, excellent and fun books i've been reading over the holidays ~ i love them!!

can't believe i didn't buy camilla's book a year ago . . . it's so beautifully designed and made {thanks to my dad for getting it for me this christmas}.
heather's book is really enjoyable ~ i found it great for the technical info and project ideas and really great it terms of gaining insight into her processes and work.
{you can buy heather's book here}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

power break!

:: spoonbill and egret
:: wetlands
frogs and bananna leaf

**images via tim olsen gallery

i spent two nights away from home in a glamour hotel ~ the olsen hotel ~ which is one of the art series hotels in melbourne. it features hundreds of prints of the work of john olsen {dr john olsen} and an original painting in the foyer. there is a small art library in each room and a lovely pool.

it was great! you know how hard it is to take a true break/holiday when the kids are little and work is at home . . . this is my solution {a bit indulgent, i know}. i slept 13 hours the first night! i read, swam, looked {properly and slowly} at books and magazines . . .

hoping to get into gear and do some work now!

thanks for the lovely new year messages ~ hoping that january is treating you well :)


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