Tuesday, April 23, 2013

new work, new shop . . .


i've opened a new shop! with my new work.

it seemed like a good idea given that so much has changed already, including my name. it's a big process to change names everywhere online so i'll take it one step at a time.

feels so good to have started and to have a place for the new work. it didn't seem to 'fit' in my etsy shop!

thanks for all the comments on the last good news post.
enjoy the rest of your week :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

official pozible thank you page

infinite thanks to you!
Lamina Godman, Katrina MacDonald, Carolyn Tate, Jodi Wiley, Jill Brooke, Christina Lowry, Barbara Kroiss, Kelly Greenop, Teegs Rose, Umbrella Prints, Kelly Roche, Janine Vangool, Donaville Herrick, Vickie Simons, Lois Sturgeon, Michelle Francis, Meredith Lee Dolan, Kate Ryan, Justine Maunsell, Frances Atkinson, Kylie Hunt, Anna Bartlett, Judit Wild, Rachel Bucknall, Paras Christou, Kelly Zarb, Jess, Susie Stubbs, Anastasia Egórova, Anna Denise, Genevieve Williamson, Kristen Donegan, Amy Rowan, Kristina Sostarko, Annemiek Hamelink, Sarah Broadbent, Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Amy Ng, Barbara Böttcher, Erin Tsubono, Myfanwy Jones, Katie Bridges, Susannah Tucker, Janelle Lile, Paige Ray, Foong Ling Kong, Anne-marie Skegg, Francesca Iannaccone, Susie Cornish, Carmel Killin, Jo Everett, Ellie Beck, Michelle Ward, helicopter6, Troy Dee Bryant, Rachel Horne, Lea Murray Ingram, Helena Tay, Catherine Demack, Sacha Petersen, Liza Grande, Phoebe Miller, Minna Soininen, Renee Dow, Christine Tammer, Vanessa De Lacy, Amanda Kelly, Jo Klima, Margaret van Kleef, Sue Bennett, Tiffany Bryant, Tracy Jager {+ anonymous lovelies}.


Saturday, April 6, 2013


this week:
turning 42 a couple of days ago, making the pozible target a couple of days ago {with just 24 hrs left ~ massive thanks to 85 people and everyone who helped spread the word!} and this feature on apartment therapy!

all so exciting!

i have a week off after a week of school holiday single parenting to paint and celebrate. it might take me a couple of days to wind down and clear my brain . . .


Monday, April 1, 2013


have been loving making this calendar with my little guy!
this is his favourite so far. there is one that he really doesn't like ~ i asked him to put it aside for a month to see if his opinion changed. nope, apparently it's just no good.
am going to keep it to making one or 2 months at a time so that i can see how the work changes.

happy april!

ps. 92%!! too exciting!


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