Monday, July 9, 2012

it's been an insane year so far!

hello again, after an even lengthier break this time . . . life has been all consuming here. painting has been put aside while things have been gradually unravelling at home. some hard news: my husband has left. so i am looking for a new place to live and thinking about a new way to live with the kids. i'm still in shock and trying to process what's happened while trying to recover from treatment . . . and there has been the best news all year in amongst the worst: the results of the minor surgery from a few weeks ago are all clear. which in my mind means that everything that has happened treatment-wise has been working and well worth it!

i started this painting a few months ago when we were thinking about buying a house with some friends. looking around at the property market and the realities involved was a bit much. it was going to involve a lot of change and it started me thinking about the ideal home on a basic level. while those house plans are now completely out of the picture, new ones are slowly brewing.

have you ever had a year like this? i kind of want this one over with!

*** update ***
thanks so much for your supportive and lovely comments xx
i got the place i applied for {a first! i've never got the first house/job/thing i've applied for before!} which has a great feel about it. the kids love it too. we are moving on monday so i imagine i will be without internet, other than my phone, for an unknown amount of time. . .  hoping to catch up with everyone as soon as i can.


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