Thursday, July 29, 2010

poppytalk oil spill fundraiser ~ last day!

i'm running a little late in mentioning this . . . {ooops} . . . i have included a 'pale ocean' print in the poppytalk oil spill fundraiser market, which actually ends today {friday july 30}. funds from the sale of this print will be deposited into the oxfam fund raiser account. big thanks to jan and earl for organising this.
there are lots of beautiful items you can buy to help the cause! go see :)
happy friday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my creative space

no childcare today ~ so i thought i'd show some progress on this painting . . . looking over unfinished work while unpacking has renewed my interest! i thought the white was too dominating, but i think with the plans i have, it might be ok.
and i've finally started making something with this yarn. it has been keeping me company and providing colour inspiration for a while now :)

hope you are having a creative day! pop into kirsty's for more spaces or to play along.

winter collage

here is the finished collage from last week: 'winter'.
i started with the big piece {something i cut from a magazine almost 2 years ago {?} and kept because i was drawn to the colours}. it struck me as the perfect representation of the wintery day ~ icy winds and pale, almost bleak colours . the other pieces, including the bright 'lights', fell into place.

it's the first new work that i've listed in the shop for months! hopefully more will follow soon.

happy mid~week :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

inspiration . amanda blake

i was relaxing/drawing/chatting with the kids at the table the other day when i realised i was drawing a boat pulling into a shore. the background was all pretty usual ~ mountains with trees and a few signs of life. but, i wondered ~ why am i drawing a boat?? i was a bit surprised. . . then when i was reading blogs/surfing etsy i realised where my subconscious had been visiting!

i love amanda's characters and i also love her landscapes, and her boats!

:: she waited for the ice to melt
:: when the sea had turned to purple they knew they had gone too far
:: she had made a promise to the bees

amanda blake's shop + blog.

**images from the shop.

Friday, July 23, 2010

madeit finds

1. zoology brooch . pannikin
2. apko coffee sack cushion . velvetbean
3. bamboo lingerie/underwear, cheeky cut . talesofbambi
4. kraft thread floss cards 10pk . aplacetolaymythread

**all pics from shops listed. happy shopping!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my creative space

{***i know i promised no more dark photos, however . . . the middle pic explains things}

so pleased to be at my desk after 5 days of looking after the kids on my own this week! my father-in-law died last week and my husband took off up north. it took me most of this morning {the first day off} to be able to focus/speak etc . . . it hasn't been a pretty picture!

anyhooo, i slipped into another world making this collage. the bottom pic shows the almost finished version. it's actually finished, but the sky seems just too bleak to capture any detail for now! will try again soon.

hope you are having a fun time in your space! pop over to kootoyoo for more spaces :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

madeit finds

:: coin purse made from vintage doily + recycled denim . holigoddess
:: blossom linen/cotton tea towel . plumart
:: recycled print ornaments ~ houses, fences . estasketch
:: white 'fang' on olive pencil case . kateward

these items are all from australia's own handmade online shopping site ~ madeit.
happy shopping!

**all images from the shops listed

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my creative space

my space needs attention and energy! i spent a whole day putting it together, but that was just unpacking and putting things on shelves, in drawers and in piles on the desk and floor. i'll get there!
the huge task that i'm about to start is photographing finished work ~ there's lots!! but i'm not scared as the light is good!
the top pic is some home made wrapping paper my little one and i made yesterday ~ my first creative effort in the new house.
pop over to kootoyoo for more spaces/to play along.
happy creative space day :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new treasuries

2 newies:
:: mornings: chilly + fresh
:: 5 minutes . . . i challenged myself to make one in 5 minutes! it took a little longer :)


thanks for all the great comments and well wishes about the move ~ am happy to say it all went well and smoothly.
the sun coming in, and not having to use heaters during the day is such a positive change! {why can't all houses make use of the natural heat/light etc ~ even just to save the planet . . .}.
my desks are set up in our room ~ you can only imagine my excitement when i realised that my new desk AND my old desk fit in under the window {the hoarder within started to panic about having to get rid of the old one, even tho it's grubby etc!!}.
can't wait to get to work now . . . tomorrow.
hope your week is going well :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

saturday shopping list

i really should be in the bathroom with a scrubbing brush etc, but this is a lot more fun!
moving in 3 days . . . not that i'm counting.

1. soap white escherichia coli bacteria on blood . cleaner science
2. humpback whale painting . lisa congdon
3. the tulip in pine . morelle
4. whimsically indulgent heather gray tunic antique . minxshop

** all images from shops listed.


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