Friday, May 20, 2011

big art giveaway

cathy mcmurray
is holding a really great {and huge} art giveaway, called the 'instant art collection giveaway" on her blog. i've contributed 3 prints. it starts on may 26. save it to your click diary!

big thanks to holly for the writeup about the giveaway on realsimple.

* images {just a sample} from becca standler, nancy muncal, liesl pfeffer, hollie chastain and cathy mcmurray.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

thinking of you!

i worked on this tricky repeat today ~ thought i'd stop with it now as i've rearranged elements a few times {and i think i'll loose the original notion if i don't stop}!! the square above represents a 20cm square.

happy friday! are you doing anything exciting this weekend??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

our creative space

i've taken over the kitchen table this week! given that winter seems to have started already here, i'm hoarding sunlight and sitting as close to the heater as possible {with my scarf on!}. the urge to make 100 patterns is very strong, but so is the need to slow down with some paint at the table {a little away from the computer}.

thanks for the encouraging comments re the pattern/fabric making :)

happy creative space day! to see more visit our creative space.

Monday, May 16, 2011

a new print and a new pattern

i'm still having fun folding and cutting paper . . . the shapes that appear when the paper opens up are so simple and addictive. the rougher the cutting the better!

the print is here.

* clicking takes you to flickr for a better look.

Friday, May 13, 2011

i've been itching to start on some fabric design and decided to try out a half drop repeat tutorial with this music festival painting.

i'm glad i did this {starting at the start, rather than jumping straight in} because it's really helped and totally confused me at the same time!

the top image is made with a closely cropped version of the original painting ~ layout kept as it was. the placement of the tents in the original was just the way i liked them, but in a repeat, the negative space becomes the focus rather than the tents.

the second image is a more cropped version. i tried to make the shape more like a square before making the repeat. then close to the end, i added a tent and a few spare chairs to make the unit to make it look more natural and less stilted.

it's going to be a big/fun learning curve! a bit of re-thinking the flow as well as keeping with the element of surprise that happens with the process!!

happy weekend!

p.s. do you think it's a problem to use work that is limited edition in print form on fabric?
p.p.s. are there any pieces that you think would work well on fabric in particular?? thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

our creative space

have been working on these pieces this week.

i/{we} made the decision to add another work day to my week starting this week, which means our little one is in another day of kinder and childcare. i think it's the right decision, but it does add more financial pressure and a feeling of guilt! it's so tricky to know what's right and to follow through with changes like these ~ but, i am loving the feeling that i can keep going tomorrow on what i've started today. i think working during the week rather than on the weekend might feel more 'normal' for the whole family too ~ something that i've also wanted to change for a while.

so complicated!! i'd love to know how people work these things out!

happy creative space day! check out the new space :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

inspiration . maria dimanshtein

love the wildness combined with pattern~like steadiness.
check out maria's etsy shop: fantazerova

:: urban mystery 230
:: urban mystery 305
:: urban mystery 303

* all images from fantazerova

an interview

thanks to brittni {paper n stitch} for this interview posted on scoutie girl today ~ and thanks if you've read it and left a sweet comment :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

new work

thanks for the lovely comments on the last post! it's always so helpful to read your thoughts :)

have been playing around with these digital pieces ~ all inspired by paper cuts!
not really sure how i feel about them yet, kind of getting used to them . . . i've got an idea that might work for the 2nd one.

happy mothers day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my creative space

i've been feeling kind of blah lately and possibly a little burnt out ~ i might have pushed it too far with the intense non-creative work burst over the holidays . . . and also having appointments slotted into the creative time in the first week of getting back into things, doesn't help . . .

thankfully, i think i'm at the tail end of it. i'm trying to let go of 'grand plans which won't happen for a year and a half' and taking it slowly and working in stints on the top painting and trying out a simple idea in the bottom one {on paper}. am into black with blue at the moment!

happy creative space day! hop over to kirsty's for more spaces.

Monday, May 2, 2011


big thanks to ammiki for featuring my work on the front page this week!
ammiki is a really gorgeous curated site for artists and designers. it has some interesting ideas for collaborations too . . .


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