Friday, May 13, 2011

i've been itching to start on some fabric design and decided to try out a half drop repeat tutorial with this music festival painting.

i'm glad i did this {starting at the start, rather than jumping straight in} because it's really helped and totally confused me at the same time!

the top image is made with a closely cropped version of the original painting ~ layout kept as it was. the placement of the tents in the original was just the way i liked them, but in a repeat, the negative space becomes the focus rather than the tents.

the second image is a more cropped version. i tried to make the shape more like a square before making the repeat. then close to the end, i added a tent and a few spare chairs to make the unit to make it look more natural and less stilted.

it's going to be a big/fun learning curve! a bit of re-thinking the flow as well as keeping with the element of surprise that happens with the process!!

happy weekend!

p.s. do you think it's a problem to use work that is limited edition in print form on fabric?
p.p.s. are there any pieces that you think would work well on fabric in particular?? thanks in advance!!


Cathy said...

Oh, fun design! I do like the improvements you made in the second one. The flow is a lot better.

As for your question on reproducing limited edition work, it should be fine for you to use the design on fabric.

Can't wait to see more of your fabric designs!

june at noon said...

I am amazed by people who can make fabric patterns. My brain doesn't think that way at all!

I think some of your "floaty" designs, like the "Theory" or "Square Flowers" pieces could work also. Or something like "When I Think of You."

Have fun!

anika said...

your adjustments really made a big difference from the first to second version. I think it's fine that you use imagery from the prints for fabric. i'm curious about what tutorial you followed to make this!

Francesca said...

i don't think so since one is specifically a print and one fabric. should be fine. beautiful work. x

styleforlife said...

Love! xx Emily of EL Vintage

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that I love your blog, and I think your work is wonderful!!!

mizu designs said...

You can use work from your limited edition prints to design fabric. I can't see why not.

The tent design is lovely!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

thanks for the lovely feedback and advice ~ i read somewhere in a forum about the potential for people to feel ripped off by artists selling ltd ed work and using it on products!! it stuck in my head!

anika ~ i'm using 'digital textile design' by melanie bowles and ceri isaac for the tutorials.

Meeling said...

Loving the 2nd one...that would be great to sew with. You could even do a "limited edition" amount of fabric but to me they are different entities so I don't think it would be an issue.

Very exciting!!

annamaria said...

I love this! Congrats! Sounds like great fun and great learning- can't wait to see more!XX

Sam said...

This is gorgeous Belinda!!! I'd love a summer frock made out of this design for fabric.

ziazia said...

I don't think it would be an issue or problem to use a print in a fabric because it's a whole different media and it represents the work in different ways like when you do a series and use the same representation/image in different formats, media or discipline.

I do like the second one more.
I would love to see something like the 'when i think of you' print in fabric.

Tracey said...

Just gorgeous Belinda ... this is one of my favourite works of yours. I love how you're taking on a new challenge with your beautiful artwork.

I wouldn't feel ripped off if an artist used a limited edition work in fabric form ... to be it's a completely different entity.


Kayleena said...

I love the tents on fabric! Your "we think out loud" and all of your thinking/dreaming pieces would make great fabric. I really really love the tents though, they are my favorite.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

thanks so much for the suggestions! can't wait to try these out :)


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