Thursday, October 29, 2009

saturday shopping list . the nest

1. shoreline in maine . landfall
2. waiting pages fine art collage . littleblackfences
3. where we live . blackoutwell
4. owl be in the tree with my friends pillow . olive

** images from the shops listed
** to see more etsy saturday shopping lists, visit fancypicnic.

weekend deals + new prints

these are the new prints that i've been working on today + yesterday! i haven't taken pics of them in frames yet so they will take a little while to make it to the shop. they are designed to fit standard 5 x 7 frames.

also, i'm participating in the etsy weekend deals this weekend. the deal is this:
* calendars, gift cards + prints ~ buy 2, get 1 free {value the same or less for the 3rd}. mention your choice of free one in 'message to seller'
* all brooches, pendants + works on paper ~ 10% off {discount refunded through paypal}.

if you'd like any of the new prints as part of the weekend deal ~ please let me know :)

** i enjoyed this article on design*sponge today ~ kat macleod, a melbourne illustrator ~ i love her work, on north carlton {also my neighbourhood!}
** i realise my blog has been mostly about my work lately, *sorry* . . . i have a couple of things up my sleeve which will hopefully add interest {one is kind of in the works}, will keep you posted!

happy friday to you ~ seems to have come around so quickly this week!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the birthday festival begins

our littlest turned 2 today! the festival actually started on tuesday, this is the second cake {which started yesterday!} and there will be a party and a 3/4 day visit from my dad and his wife starting saturday. our big one turns 5 on tuesday.
the top photo makes me laugh as there is a piece of sticky tape on ari's back, lovingly put there by his brother {who likes to wear all his shirts back to front and sometimes inside out}.
a fun morning :)

my creative space . a long list

after 2 weeks with hardly any time at my desk i feel like i have a to-do list as long as my arm ~ just have to make sure i actually do some things on the list and have fun with it rather than stress about the list itself!
i'm making moo cards {yay ~ almost 100 sales and i'm officially making business cards!}, making work for new prints, making another set of gift cards {which i had started back then} and making new pendants/brooches. i feel i really should be taking photos, as it's a bright spring day here! but now, just having a little lunch and playing along :)

hope you are enjoying your space today. visit kirsty for more spaces and to play along.

ps. this is how today started out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

3 new circles . in progress

a quick tuesday morning post to show these 3 newies! just need to decide: brooch or pendant.
i have some new prints in the works that are related to these in a way.

hope your week has started nicely.
thanks to kellie + eve :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my creative space . the small kitchen table!

i'm sharing again this week ~ kinder is closed for the day.
i enjoy 'working' with my older boy, it's fun to see what he comes up with and i feel like it doesn't matter what comes out on my side of the table! i can also try out some ideas that i've been thinking about . . . the stripes underneath, the colours etc.

he tought me this today: a sking = someone who tears paper!

for more creative spaces, visiti kirsty at kootoyoo.

gift cards

i'm gradually adding these sets of gift cards to the shop, they are very tiny, hope you like them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

little fingers

i made the kids some finger puppets ~ inspired by this meet me at mikes post. mr orange wears glasses, mr black is a cat it seems . . . yoga starts in an hour :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

calendar press

if by chance you've not seen Holly's massive 2010 calendar round up on decor8, here is the link to the wall calendars ~ and very exciting news {to me!} my calendar is in there {thanks Holly}.

it also found it's way into the etsy gift guide from Marichelle's {hearthandmade, lifeflix} live shopping event in the virtual labs {thanks Marichelle + etsy!}.

happy monday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

look what i bought!

this came in the mail yesterday ~ i bought it from kylie at 3sheets {her shop is new, have a look!}.
i took the recovering patient {my almost 5 year old son} to a cafe for lunch, and pulled this out of the mailbox on the way out. you should have seen his eyes light up when he saw this! he is such a lover of things made and art {wonder where this comes from!}
we both appreciate the simplicity, the fine detail, all the work and the general beauty here ~ thanks kylie. i've become a brooch wearer now!
you should definitely visit kylies' blog {s} too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my creative space

i have a friend in my creative space today: last night was a night of fevers in our house. the littlest is off to childcare as he's ok and my almost 5 year old is here on the couch watching cars!
so i'm 'working' a little ~ feeling a little bleary/tired {you know what it's like when you go back to broken sleep: almost worse than when that is the usual}.

i'm making some tiny gift cards. i found these little old fashioned pay envelopes at my local post shop. the cards will be prints of tiny collages! after making the calendar, i seem to be stuck in the collage-making groove {not unhappy about it either!}.

hope you are enjoying your creative space this week. visit kirsty for more {will leave out the little keyboard smile today kirsty!}

** i've added echo comments to my blog! am curious to see how it'll work.
** big thanks to M* for this lovely post.

Friday, October 9, 2009

saturday shopping list . fun!

1. pom pom neck hugger . spinthread
2. pearlized mint plastic vitage file tray . epoca
3. artist's box . themercshop
4. hello magnet . zoetropa

** images from the shops listed.
** for more etsy saturday shopping lists, visit fancypicnic.

bespoke press giveaway

bespoke press is having a great giveaway. it's a good story behind the giveaway too. nancy from prettylittlethieves {a favourite of mine} has a print in here {bottom left}.

i don't have much to show for my friday work stint this week ~ today was a vague one! i did have another driving lesson though ~ i put my test back a couple of months as i need to gain confidence in my decision making ie. to not sit at a stop sign for more than 5 minutes just checking that the coast is clear! remeber that stage??

here is a post on chocolate creative, a lovely blog for friday {thanks to kate and margarita}.
happy friday to you :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


:: prints: buy 2 get one free
:: 10% off original works on paper, pendants and brooches

go see :)

my creative space . cleanup

a clean~up is due in my space!
this is how i've left it while i do my tax {we all know this is the opposite of creative!}, and work on some listings etc. . .
that silly accident i had on the weekend: in my earnest attempts to improve my photography and get some clearer pics of the calendar, i did get into a pretty awkward position {bent over the back of a chair, balancing the camera on the edge to keep it still, facing directly to the ground} and dropped my camera onto the concrete, lens first! it retaliated with this message: lens error :( which i took to mean, lens is never going to go in or out again {seems to be the case}.
so, i'm having a camera~related sale this week! {details here}
i have a lend of a camera in the mean time, but am going to look at getting a beautiful new one :)
any suggestions on which type to go for?

hope you are having a creative time today ~ visit kirsty at kootoyoo for more fun spaces.

** also, big thanku to kylie for this post :)


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