Friday, October 23, 2009

saturday shopping list . a new outfit?

1. peekaboo black tshirt . janeyclothing
2. lichen felt purse . elinart
3. bright green satin skirt . larimeloom
4. medium simple bangle . ericawalker

** images from shops listed.
** for more etsy saturday shopping lists, visit fancypicnic.


Django et Coco said...

Just discovered your blog through Etsy! I love your artworks ;)


vadjutka said...

very pretty list - and that purse is amazing, I love her shop!

Kylie said...

So lovely... you've made me feel like sewing! Also, very spooky that I am so wanting to dye my hair super blond as in first photo... ;)
Great selection Belinda - thank you! K

tractorgirl said...

hmmm...found you on the etsy forums...nice blog!! I'm following :)

soulflower said...

I love that green skirt...i love larimeloom's shop.


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