Friday, October 9, 2009

bespoke press giveaway

bespoke press is having a great giveaway. it's a good story behind the giveaway too. nancy from prettylittlethieves {a favourite of mine} has a print in here {bottom left}.

i don't have much to show for my friday work stint this week ~ today was a vague one! i did have another driving lesson though ~ i put my test back a couple of months as i need to gain confidence in my decision making ie. to not sit at a stop sign for more than 5 minutes just checking that the coast is clear! remeber that stage??

here is a post on chocolate creative, a lovely blog for friday {thanks to kate and margarita}.
happy friday to you :)


REread said...

thanks for sharing that link ... i love bespoke!!

elk said...

you always have such interesting links ...have a wonderful weekend!


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