Thursday, August 26, 2010

connecting the dots

there's a certain {good} tension that comes with making collage. it involves the pull between the thinking mind and the intuitive mind, and i love it when intuition wins! or at least directs.

i have lots of work that is lying around at stage 1. i might've had half an idea {just a feeling that i'm trying to record} or an idea as an offshoot of something else. it seems that often i'm not sure where i'm going with it . . . so i leave it at the start.

then today, as i was in this collage work mode the penny dropped! some of the half ideas may have been the beginnings of a new direction. i'm still not sure entirely what that entails. it also, could be one of many possible directions.

it gets confusing sometimes, working on so many different things, a little at a time. but it keeps it fun.

hope to do a shopping post soon 8)
happy friday! what are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my creative space

it's been a working week already! the main job that i got out of the way was my tax {the opposite of creative as we know}. i had to get it done so it wasn't looming over my space! i've also been listing new prints, one per night this week {one more new coming tonight}. and today, back into the fun stuff ~ the collages.

i've been making these 'side' collages with pieces that i absolutely love but don't want to use in the main collages. they are just small and minimal, like notes.

camera update: learning about the 'a-dep' mode ~ and changing depth of field. for some reason one of the collages looks to be levitating? i've also noticed that in photoshop the photos look lovely and clear and in blogger, they look darker and muddier. does blogger do this to your images?

happy creative space day! to play along and see more spaces, visit kirsty here.

** i also did this interview if you are interested.

art biz mama interview

i did this interview with dana barbieri as part of her blog series 'art biz mama'. i love to read interviews on this very topic as i have so many questions for other mothers who do stuff and live life too!! thanks dana.
if you have any tips, please post here :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

a new print!

i worked with my new camera on the weekend and i have to say that i love the 'live view' feature! it allows me to connect the camera to the computer and change the exposure and white balance etc in an image editing program and press snap with the mouse all while i'm watching the preview! {maybe you've already been doing things this way for years, but for me it's so exciting, and time saving!}.
it is still a bit of guess work as with the sun coming into the room it makes it hard to judge the screen. and whenever a cloud passes/moves the light changes {even with the blinds drawn} and adjustments need to be made. not complaining at all ~ the light = happiness!

happy monday :)

the new print: 'blue tent with flowers' is now in the shop . . .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my creative space . thinking about 2011

i'm really happy to be at my desk today . . . the week has been interesting!
on sunday {the day my sister came to visit from interstate for a few days} i had my first ever trip in an ambulance and a day in hospital. high drama! i thought i had appendicitis. it turns out after lots of appointments that it was an ovarian cyst that wasn't happy {described by the doctor who did the ultrasound as 'like being kicked in the stomach by a horse over and over'} ~ but it's all ok now, phew!!

before all this, i had made a start on some collages for the 2011 calendar. i had been thinking vaguely about the calendar for a while and came to a couple of conclusions:

:: i want to keep with the idea of a collage calendar ~ i love making collages {i love the intuitive process and the surprise results} and the concept of making 12 for a specific 'project' appeals.

:: i want to stick to a similar layout {loose leaf, narrow rectangle pages} and production process to last year. i printed them here and cut them to size ~ which i enjoyed doing. i like the idea of producing according to demand, rather than worrying about trying to guess at quantities . . .

. . . i'd love to hear your thoughts!

happy creative space day. to play along and see more spaces, click over to kirsty's :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

. . .

a couple of touches to these!

i'm thinking of stitching the crochet to a piece of fabric and somehow attaching it to the wall. have yet to decide if the backing should be white or dark ~ not black but maybe a charcoal or denim {maybe denim will be too 70s!!}.

the painting 'mist with flowers' just needed the the 'flowers' layer re-highlighted! i had thoughts of adding lots more detail, but stuck with simplicity. the print version is in the shop.

happy weekend :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my creative space

this week, from the couch, i've been thinking about how i would like the photos of my work to look. i want mostly white, but with a little bit of colourful decoration in the background . . .
i made these 'flowers' and then got an idea to join them together ~ the plan is to join 9 and add colour!

i'd also like to learn to use the new camera, make a 2011 calendar, list a whole lot of work that is still sitting here, finish a whole lot of work that is still sitting here, work on a 'design' and play with some new ideas for digital collages that came up. just hoping the flu has properly gone by tomorrow! {it's been years since i had the flu and i can't believe how long it goes for!}

hope you are healthy and having fun in your space! visit kirsty for more or to play too.

maeve magazine ~ spring issue

some exciting news over here: my work is featured in the spring issue {just out} of maeve magazine!
i was also offered the fun job of putting together the 'big' section ~ double yay!! i really like the look of the mag and there's lots to read, so i'm pretty happy to be involved :)
thanks maeve {lou and kate} xx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a fun sunday!

sunday was great + exciting! even though i'd caught the flu {which i still have, which is why it's a wednesday post about sunday!}. we went into federation square for chinese food ~ always makes me feel better. i popped into the craft hatch market in the atrium and got to meet evie of handmade romance {i kept a safe distance germ~wise, i hope!}. i bought these beautiful small pieces home ~ i really love the green stitching above the cat's nose! thanks evie :)
then i bought a new camera ~ finally! i haven't had time/energy to play with it yet ~ this is snapped on auto! but i can't wait to learn how to make the most of it.
hope your week is going well :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my creative space

it's been a flu~fighting kind of week this week! i guess it is 2/3 of the way through winter . . .

i did manage to muck around with this 'collage' while the littlest sicky was sleeping on the couch. it's fun to experiment. i also tried to trace some drawings with illustrator and found that 6-7 years away from the program has left me a bit rusty!! time to brush up on some skills!! if you know of any online info sites for this kind of thing, i'd be super grateful :) {i did try the help thingy but it seemed to be very light on information~wise}.

happy creative space day! pop over to kirsty's for more spaces or to play along.

Monday, August 2, 2010

the beginning of something?

these are watercolour, gouache and pencil on paper. versions of drawings i've posted before. i'm still not sure where i'm taking them. i'd love to learn how to create patterns for fabric. i'd also love to take them further as stand alone pieces. getting closer . . . just short on time!

* they are linked to flickr for clearer viewing, just click on the images to see.

madeit finds

1. country {mini print set} . 74limelane
2. 'away with the clouds' silver earrings . christina owrydesigns
3. recycled felted jumper pocket purse - grey and black . gayeabandon
4. sweet garland - bright spark . 3girlsandagoat

**all images from shops listed.

happy madeit shopping + happy monday!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

i love what i do!

i got a bit excited when an order came through from susana in portugal not so long ago. i still get excited about sending my work off to different countries ~ especially countries i've not been to but would love to visit.
i got even more excited when susana sent me this photo! isn't the setting gorgeous? i think it's so special to get a photo like this from a customer ~ it makes me love what i do even more!

you can visit susanah's blog too.

hope you've had a great weekend :)


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