Monday, February 28, 2011

work in progress

here are a few of the new pieces i've been working on lately. i'm a bit excited about the top one! i cut some pieces out of a photo i printed and stitched around them to make some of the collage elements. i wasn't sure how i was going to use them or if they'd look too out of place. it's acrylic, marker, cotton thread and collage on paper, with pinholes. {clicking takes you to flickr}.

i'm playing with a looser kind of painting with the others! and some chunkier leaves {2nd last pic/sketch}.

happy march + happy autumn {in melbourne at least}! it felt almost like winter today, which i guess is what autumn is about. don't think i'm ready for the cold just yet . . .

Saturday, February 26, 2011


i won these beautiful earrings made by christina lowry in a giveaway she ran on her blog last week. they are my new favourite earrings! so lovely + a very generous giveaway. thanks christina! was going to try to have a photo of me wearing them, but getting decent photos of me is always tricky!

am sure these earrings symbolise good luck too ~ i've had a lucky kind of day. how has your weekend been?

**check out christina's shop here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my creative space


the new desk is not looking so new anymore~ which is ok with me.

a couple of new prints and some paintings and sketches in progress on the desk today. feeling a lot more relaxed with the different directions happening at the same time ~ sketching/trying out new things, quickly as they come up helps. just need a few more days in a row {universal truth}!

hope you had fun in your space! to see more, visit kirsty here.

ps. the solid blocks of colours are inspired by this work of my son's.

a new tent print

a new one {2 tents} from the tents series . . . it had been sitting for a long while needing something to make it finished. i wondered and wondered, then the time must have been right as it required no thought. i love it when it works like that.

this one was inspired by a camping trip from my late 20s. there were young kids in the tent behind us, not sleeping at all, and wombats circling our tent! they make a loud rustling sounds and i have a soft spot for them, even though they don't smell great.

happy mid-week and thanks again for the inspiring discussion on the last post :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fine art friday . landscape

:: star gaze . beth hoeckel dot com
:: warm lake . jessicatorres
:: limited edition 8 x 8 faux polaroid . whphotography
:: el capitan . ellaksverdlov

*all images from shops/site listed.

love the comments on yesterday's post {thankyou!}.
happy friday :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my creative space

every time i do a stint of digital colouring i go through a shake up!
it makes me question why i'm doing it, what i'm trying to achieve that i can't achieve with non~digital work. and what is it i'm trying to do with my non~digital work again??
i left it alone for a bit and found these leaves from the real world {they've been a source of inspiration many times} and got out the gouache and markers and did some drawing by hand! i did put them together digitally and painted the red in photoshop in the last image. the little ones are gouache on chalk board paint.
i get a feeling that my work is going in many directions at the same time, which is exciting but also comes with a weird sense of guilt! not entirely sure where that comes from, but it could have something to do with thoughts/theories that come from having an online shop and 'branding' {kind of the opposite of free art~making}, the pull between graphic design {the past} and fine art {my real passion} and what i should be doing . . . eeeek, the pressure!!
do you ever tie yourself up in these kinds of knots about your work?? does it always come before a calm, resolved feeling?? {fingers crossed}.

happy creative space day! pop into kirsty's for more spaces.

ps. thanks for the kind thoughts/comments on the last post + thanks to everyone who has subscribed and entered the giveaway :)

Monday, February 14, 2011


happy heart day for yesterday!

i had a roller coaster ride of a day ~ i had my annual mammogram {my mum had breast cancer at 32} in the morning, which i passed. a huge build up of stress/anxiety followed by the relief of good news ~ it's very grounding! and kind of ironic, in a good way, to go through this on valentines day . . . a quiet, inner celebration of being in the here and now with my loved ones!

we also watched 'the kids are all right' which was really great. have you seen it?

. . . the giveaway prize is one of the new prints {of your choice}: moss {shown above}, buds {black}, buds {blue}, heart {pink}, heart {turquoise}, garden bed, shooting or square flowers.

to enter, subscribe to the newsletter {if you've already subscribed you're automatically entered + thanku!}. the winner will be announced in the first newsletter, this friday {feb 18}.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

inspiration: fleurlux

love these pots and plants made/grown by fleurlux. the shapes are so perfect. i found them in this treasury {thanks jamie}.
is your sunday going well?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

fine art friday




in this kind of mood today! loving these dark/glowing light beauties.

:: amphibious dream 1 . holli
:: helpers . brandistrickland
:: the sun, falling leaves . yuizdan168
:: glowing forest . marcosuarez
** all images from the shops listed.

happy friday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my creative space

thanks so much for the lovely comments and feedback on the last post. it's really interesting to hear your thoughts. i always check with my people at home too ~ i ask them individually so nobody is influenced by anyone else! ~ they all picked the one with black!

this is the drawing that i used for the udessi tote bag competition ~ re-worked into a print. i used photoshop rather than illustrator for this as i prefer the look of raw drawn lines over the clean vector lines.

also been thinking about the a giveaway to go with the first newsletter, which i hope to have done this time next week ~ sign up if you'd like to join in!! ------>

hope your day was creative + fun!

pop into kirsty's for more spaces.

Monday, February 7, 2011

the new

today is the first 'official' work day for this year! the rest of the family is at school . . . i'm sitting here in almost~silence, and i can hear my thoughts!!
these are some of the prints i've been working on. {you might remember the drawing from an earlier version}. i've had both versions stuck to the wall for a few days to see if i'd feel like changing anything.
working with the black linen has made me re~love black. i did like the bottom one best, but have grown into the top one.

would love to know what you think :)

they are in the shop . . .

Friday, February 4, 2011


i've been playing around with photoshop colouring and i'm almost ready to share a new print ~ it's on the wall in a couple of different versions, settling in . . . in the meantime, this one happened, almost by itself! i'm not a big valentines day celebrator, but as i was working with these stems/buds, moving them around, collecting elements for another piece, the basis of a heart appeared. i went with it!

happy weekend!
it finally feels like a weekend now that school is back {as of yesterday} and the new routine is starting.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stitching + originals

i've made 3 of these {turquoise, lime and orange}! thanks to all for the advice on finishing the back. i went with the bare look ~ i don't mind the stitches being visible!
they are in the shop. i've also been listing original paintings from the tents series.

hope your week has started out ok :)


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