Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my creative space

it's been a working week already! the main job that i got out of the way was my tax {the opposite of creative as we know}. i had to get it done so it wasn't looming over my space! i've also been listing new prints, one per night this week {one more new coming tonight}. and today, back into the fun stuff ~ the collages.

i've been making these 'side' collages with pieces that i absolutely love but don't want to use in the main collages. they are just small and minimal, like notes.

camera update: learning about the 'a-dep' mode ~ and changing depth of field. for some reason one of the collages looks to be levitating? i've also noticed that in photoshop the photos look lovely and clear and in blogger, they look darker and muddier. does blogger do this to your images?

happy creative space day! to play along and see more spaces, visit kirsty here.

** i also did this interview if you are interested.


helena / little mo said...

Yeah I'm sure blogger or your photo hosting site compresses the image slightly and it makes it look a little dull. Mine is the same too. But your images are still so lovely. Always so fresh and inviting!

I love your desk, the grain lines just complements your art! xoxoxo

june at noon said...

Ha! A levitating collage? You are quite talented! ;)

I don't have experience with Blogger & images, although it utterly frustrates me that as clean and bright as my images look on my screen, they sometimes don't on others. Good luck!

Kylie said...

I love your collages Belinda. That you've managed to make one levitate means I'm even more impressed! ;) Can't help with Photoshop I'm afraid, but yes, my photos do change on blogger sometimes too. How do they come up on your Flickr page? Great space. Kx

Casie said...

Always a lovely space to visit.

I used to find that my images looked different in photoshop compared to blogger, but then I got a new iMac (not the most viable option for many) and my trouble seems to be gone.

There's a whole lot of differently calibrated screens out there. You may not be able to please them all. In short I wouldn't worry too much, yes it's frustrating, but for what it's worth, your images look good from here.

Belinda Saville said...

These collages are all looking great, Belinda! The photos look just fine from here...I haven't had any issues with Blogger making mine looking darker (although I sometimes do lose a lot of detail because everything gets compressed) I loved reading your interview :-) It's always interesting hearing how other woman manage to run a business, a home, and look after their children! You're doing a great job of all of it ;-)

happyment said...

Wonderful collages!

I've also noticed the issue with blogger, it can be quite upsetting.

74 Lime Lane said...

well done on the tax ~ I haven't even started mine yet!
love the levitating collage :) but your pictures look great on my screen
ps. great interview too

Kathryn Mitchell said...

Your images still look lovely to me, I like the simplicity of your collages...yes good on you for sorting your tax, must get to that! My british one was great - 'I'm not there so nothing to declare nah nah nah'! I should probably point out that the parrot in my post today isn't my painting! Its a photography by Andrew Zuckerman, I'm lusting through his book, 'Bird'. Google him, he's!

anka said...

Lovely workspace today. And the interview was a really nice read, I loved learning more about you!

fleurfatale said...

ooh, the tax, not the most pleasant job to do ;-(
and I have the same with my pictures in blogger, don't know what the reason is!

fleurfatale said...

and I loved reading the interview,
I experience the same balance thingie about creative work, kids and time for hub!

M.M.E. said...

You've certainly been busy! I have to say (although it's very silly) that I really enjoy the woodgrain on your desk. My desktop is solid white and I think the woodgrain would be so much more conducive to creative thought. Love your new collages!

Amanda said...

I love the simplicity of your process. Your work is beautiful!

hmstrjam said...

such fun!


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