Wednesday, August 25, 2010

art biz mama interview

i did this interview with dana barbieri as part of her blog series 'art biz mama'. i love to read interviews on this very topic as i have so many questions for other mothers who do stuff and live life too!! thanks dana.
if you have any tips, please post here :)


Kylie said...

Great interview Belinda and I love seeing a proper photo of you too! (I know I'm off topic here but I want your hair style!!) Okay, back to topic... I try to keep reminding myself that I do creative things because I love them and if I forced more of a production line then the love goes out of it. Of course I still feel frustrated that I don't get more done and that there aren't enough hours in the day, but I'd rather have the love and that 'thrill' when things work out :) From where I'm looking, you are doing beautifully :) Kx

vadjutka said...

Belinda - you have a beautiful necklace from lilarubyking - you lucky girl!!!

lovely interview - and your kids are so cute!

Dana Barbieri said...

Thanks again Belinda for being a part of this series!

Mousy Brown said...

I loved the interview with Dana and discovering a new blog to subscribe to! Look forward to discovering more of your lovely collages Em :D

Galit said...

Enjoyed reading your interview. Like you I feel I struggle to find my balance between creativity and my family time. I haven't find the right formula for me yet and still trying to learn how to do it (my baby is now over 2 years old).
Luckily I have the most supportive partner and for me is one of the most helpful thing (especially as we don't have other family here in Australia).

Here's to us creative moms! I adore you all!

P.S. Thanks for the intro with Dana's blog. I will come back for more of this great interview series.


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