Friday, October 16, 2009

saturday shopping list . mostly white

1. after craft plantable notecards with upcycled envelopes {4 - rice/crafterall confetti} . greenpost
2. white matte bottle collection . sarapaloma
3. marcel poisson . loulouandoscar
4. red box wire earrings . yoola

** images from the shops listed.
** to see more etsy saturday shopping lists, visit fancypicnic.


Kylie said...

Yep, I want them all! Especially those vases :) K

Kendra said...

How happy you have made me, Belinda!
I adore your work, your style, your sensibility and your color palette. So, being included in your saturday shopping list is a special honor. I'm happy you like my papers! Thank you.
Have a great weekend!

vadjutka said...

your finds are always very interesting - thanks for this great list!

cypress sun said...

I'm loving your blog.

Must have the plantable cards...

caroline/oh chalet! said...

lovely finds. and congratulations! i spotted your pretty calendar on decor8 yesterday! :)

joy white said...

love the vases - great post.

Annamaria said...

Love the plantable cards...what an idea! And I positively adore those earings...they are like wearable line drawings(does that make sense?)! I saw Kylie's brooch and card too! Just beautiful! Lucky girl you!
Annamaria xx

Rhiannon said...

The vases - gorgeous! I would need a whole new house to match them :)
Daily Paint Journal

Lisa/Lou Lou & Oscar said...

Thank you so much for having me back on your lovely blog, I am so sorry that I missed this for so long, I really appreciate the wonderful support, and now I want all of the above too!
Sending much love from here,


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