Monday, February 4, 2013

getting serious!

hello after what seems to be already more than a month!
the year has started off in an anxious way for my little one and me ~ starting school has been a big move, especially as it is a new school.
as is typical of me, i've jumped in head first the second it looked like the 'work' year has started {it has but the build up of actual available time has been very slow!}. i know it's silly to push so hard but it feels like it's well over due and all a bit urgent.
i have a big {and slightly scary} project i'm trying to put together for something super exciting ~ you might know what i'm referring to ~ which needs a post of it's own! it has involved working on my bio and artist statement . . .
have also 'started' this course to help get back into fabric design/pattern making. 
have started mucking around with some jewelry making, which has been fun but also distracting.
and . . . the best part, i have started painting and have been finding it relaxing, soothing and freeing! nothing like needing to get other areas of work happening {especially if it involves writing} to push me into painting!

i seem to be spending most of my online time on instagram and facebook lately! have never been a fan of facebook, and still don't get how to manage the personal and business page via instagram, but find the speed of posting to these places easy. be nice to see you there :)


lamina@do a bit said...

Such gorgeous boys!!! Looks like your years is off to a flying start :) That course looks very interesting... I would love to do one of her courses! Looking forward to seeing how you go :)

I agree IG seems to be the place to hang out lately... Love it!

Genevieve said...

Adorable kids!
Things sound quite exciting for you! I think artists need that "urgent" feeling to keep going. Unless you work commercially you have to have that self motivation.

barbarabeesblog said...

Wow Belinda, it seems a lot is going on and you're very busy, in my mind a see an octopus with 8 arms all doing something differnt. Exciting!
Wish you all the best and your boys are really lovely.

PS.: I'm also a total facebook nerd and not at all into it, but I try to find you there. See U

Kristen Donegan said...

I always try and enjoy the "urgent" feeling to create- sounds like your in the flow- and thanks for the link it does look like a great course!
So nice to see your work! (and your boys too)

june at noon said...

I need a sense of urgency, to-do lists and deadlines, or I just sit there like a blob. :) Loving the look of those new paintings!

Luna Landing said...

Look at those sweet faces. They need such care don't they?
All your plans sound so intruiging - will await and see. I have to get going on an artists statement and stuff like that too. I might wait and see what you come up with!

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Hope your gorgeous preppie is settling in well. It is an anxious time but get ready to watch him flourish! : )
ps. I haven't been around much, been busy getting ready for this year too. Glad to know you are on instagram - if I ever get back to it I'll definitely look you up. : )


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