Saturday, April 18, 2009

saturday shopping list . art

1. sleeping polar bear hand-stitched original etching by emma kidd / unique piece . benconservato
2. landscape 304 - sale . cwysart
3. we flock or scatter or both . kmasback
4. snow melt . greyocean
5. south side - lake michigan abstract painting by tina-m . thecyclingartist

it's actually sunday here . . . yesterday was all about a 4 year old birthday party which was lots of fun :)

most of these works have been in my favourites for a while, i hope you like them.

to make your own saturday shopping list and check out lots of great ideas {and support fellow etsy sellers} go to fancypicnic.

cathy cullis has included one of my drawings on this weeks' list on her beautiful blog november moon. thanks cathy :)


kim* said...

this is really cool art.

Chad W. said...

Wow, thanks for including me in your list... this stuff is beautiful. Oh, and I'm a giant fan of your art as well. You made my week:)

benconservato said...

Thank you so much for including me amongst these other beautiful pieces. It is very kind of you (and of course you know I love your work too!)

ArtMind said...

I think I have to take a peek in your favorites! These are all fantastic! :)

by Nelle said...

hi Gretchen,

What a lovely blog you have! I love the art you posted especially 3 + 5. I`ll keep following your blog.

All the best, Nelleke

'fancypicnic' said...

I DO like them! They're all beautiful, I can't choose a favourite...

Thanks for sharing. I've been a bit remiss lately - see you in a week or two.


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