Friday, April 17, 2009

holiday pics . links

hello! thanku so much for the birthday/holiday wishes and comments.

here are some pics of our travels :) it did rain all but 2 days. these photos are from a drive from my dad's place to the beach – a back and forth trip from childhood! the landscape looks better in the rain i think, especially on the side with the cane fields.

i have people to thank for posting about my work while i was away – some beautiful blogs that are new to me too, go see :)

ju . studio home creative
nelleke . by nelle
jackie . etsy item of the day
diana . please sir

am off to catch up on my blog reading . . .


June rhymes with moon said...

Here's hoping you're feeling rested and refreshed after your break...I always feel like I need a vacation after my vacation :)


Tinniegirl said...

That rain looks heaven sent. I can almost smell it from here.

tangled sky studio said...

these pics are of my perfect kind of day! welcome back and thanks for your comments on my blog....



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