Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy christmas

i know it's not til friday, but i thought i'd pop in to wish you a happy christmas + lots of relaxation!
i think that christmas day might feel like the actual start of the holidays here, even though they've started already ~ it has been busy and slightly stressful ~ due to my driving test, which i failed yesterday . . . it was a big nervy build up and even though i wasn't 'expecting' to pass i'm upset about the concept of being housebound during the hottest months of the year. my fingers are crossed for next time!
thanks for reading this year + happy beginnings for 2010 :)


kellie @ 74 lime lane said...

merry christmas to you and your family belinda
have a wonderful break
{pity santa didn't bring you a pass on your driving test - such bad luck plus i can't believe how much it costs! good luck for next time!}

E L K said...

merry merry christmas Belinda...you will pass the second time...I did! I have so enjoyed my visits this year

vadjutka said...

Happy Xmas Belinda!
And thanks so much for your card - made my day yesterday :-))
kisses and hugs.

Alisa : ink caravan said...

Ahhh, merry Chrissy to you too Belinda! Don't worry about the test, you'll nail it next time... bit of a tough time to have it really, so many people madly dashing about trying to get the last xmas jobs done ( I know cause I'm one of them!!). See you in 2010, have a great break. xx Alisa

June rhymes with moon said...

Merry Christmas! It's been lovely getting to know you a little bit this year. Happy new year and best of luck on the next driving test!


inaluxe said...

Happy christmas Belinda! I hope you all had a really lovely day yesterday. I'm sorry about your driving test. I failed mine some years ago too... missed out by a bit, but I was so upset. We then didn't have a car for a long time, life stuff happened, and I still don't have my license. I'm not actually sure I want one anymore. :) You'' make it though! I know you will. xoxo

LeiLiLaLoo said...

I remember getting my drivers licence was a true nightmare. I failed three times and was a nervous wreck each time, with actual nightmares before and after each test(even when i passed). I hope you get it next time, and whish you and your family a very happy 2010.

gretchenmist said...

aaaggghhh, you must've been exhausted by the time you got it!
i found the whole thing exhausting! and i'm sure i'll build the next one up too. . . happy new year to you too :)

gretchenmist said...

hope you had a great christmas too kristina!
i felt for most of my life that i didn't need a license but now with 2 little ones and incredible summer temperatures it feels like i need it! funny how many people don't have one ~ i thought i was a minority, but quite a few people have mentioned not having one here.


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