Friday, December 4, 2009

stephanie's artist advent calendar

i wrote a post for stephanie's blog: a studio with a view, for her december artist advent calendar!
follow these little mits!!

i was trying to think of some typically australian christmas traditions, and i found it pretty tricky because i'm not overly traditional and also i actually couldn't think of any that are uniquely australian. apart from the salads and seafood option for lunch/dinner rather than the full roast . . . and the vegetarian options . . . due to christmas being in summer here.

can you think of any that are noteworthy? do you have any of your own unique traditions?


E L K said...

i popped over to see... such a sweet step by step...
traditions...egg nog while trimmong the tree...paperwhites throughout the house...lots of singing...

jeanamarie said...

lovely, post over at Staphanie's, I saw it earlier today; cute little hands :) the only thing I can think of at the moment as being uniquely australian is also uniquely distasteful - that santa in stubbies thing you see every so often...ew! ;)

inaluxe said...

It was such a great read Belinda - I loved it, and the photos! You must have so much fun around your house! :)
I have to tell you with regard to cooking and xmas, I'm pretty crappy at it. We're not very traditional here, I think we prefer to go on a picnic, lie under a big tree at the beach, where there is no-one! ha ha, or a park. Jase is vegetarian, and I eat meat, but we have it all sorted.... no useful recipes for you though I'm afraid. We just love lots of fresh delicatessen type food, and really awesome cakes.... yummyyy! and chocolate. ha ha ha. Sounds disgusting! I'm going to stop writing now. ha ha.


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