Thursday, December 10, 2009

my creative space . a start

i think mid-december = a universal push for time!

i managed to start this cutting today ~ only had 1.5 hours up my sleeve . . . have had the idea in my head for nearly 2 weeks. it had gelled, but when i sat down it was mostly gone! hoping it will re-visit when i get a little more time

. . . i had a little help on the sketch/doodle with the trees!

. . . am getting more and more obsessed with these flowers :)

hope you felt calm + creative in your space today!
for more spaces, visit kirsty {big thanks to kirsty and you for making thursdays so fun + meaningful}.


Vanessa De Lacy said...

I have 'help' like that from my little ones as well!

Kellie said...

i know what you mean! ugh
but i found your space very calming! i really like the second picture - not sure why

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - trying to be calm and creative. Love the shape of the flowers.

Ooty said...

I need to learn how to get that calm thing going on =), but I am doing my best to have good time!
I can understand why you are being obsessed with these flowers, they are ao lovely!!!

E L K said...

sketches resemble the buds....hmmmm i am always excited to see new things from you ...time always fleeting

Annamaria said...

It's one of those things- having an idea in your mind for so long and then it ...somehow escapes- that happens all the time to me too- I have a few paintings in a pile next to my desk for which inspiration just dissappeared half way-...-I hope we get them back one day!
The flowers are just beautiful Belinda- I really understand the obsession-
Have a sweet day ,
Annamaria :)

Alisa : ink caravan said...

Oh, I had to laugh when I saw your 'help', know it well. : D
Aren't those buds beautifully sculptural, no wonder you're inspired.


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