Thursday, October 18, 2012

miranda skoczek on the design files

you've most likely already read this great interview with miranda skoczec on the design files by now ~ if not, it's a treat. so much of what she talked about resonated for me ~ so many familiar experiences and viewpoints! i remember reading miranda's artist statement in the past and thinking, yes!
i especially like her 'dedication to the pure aesthetics of painting' and share her rejection of graphic design as a lifestyle/career thing: 'as sitting at a desk and working on the creative briefs of others just wasn’t going to cut it'.
don't you love it when reading about someone you admire kind of backs you up on your own thing?
happy friday!


Kylie Hunt said...

Blissful when that happens :) She is truly amazing and I love her work so much. Actually, she has an exhibition opening tonight just up the road from me! Must drag myself out of the house and have a peek! Lovely post Belinda :) Kx

Krystal said...

it sounds encouraging! and p.s...thanks for the congrats on wesley!!

Kristen Donegan said...

Wow- very inspiring! I can see why you admire her- thanks for the share I hadn't seen it and am now very curious about her...

Also SO good to see you back and hear your surgery went well- here's to smoother roads ahead :)

lamina@do a bit said...

What a great and inspiring interview! LOve her work! :)

handmade romance said...

i agree. it definitely feels good finding like minded souls! i once read it described as our modern-day tribe. i guess we need to feel connection to others and a sense of belonging. finding someone out there that reflects apiece of ourselves back to us warms the soul a little i reckon : )

im also really happy to read in the post below that your latest surgery went really well. x


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