Thursday, July 7, 2011

our creative space

thank you for all the fabric love!! and sorry to keep on with the sneak peaks . . . we are on school holidays here and i had decided not to try to work this time round, but the resolve is weakening with these samples sitting here!!

so i'm compromising and doing a little bit here and there ~ my small goal is to get the photos done.

and the plan/idea is to slowly list the designs that are ready to go {there are 10 or so} in my etsy shop as pre~orders. that way i could make one initial order through spoonflower {around july 25} with a better idea of quantities.

my frazzled holiday<->work mode brain has been trying to figure out the best way to manage ordering multiple designs in varying quantities at differing times . . . and i think the pre~order is the way to go!! if you have any pointers on straight forward ways to go about this i'd be really appreciative :0

in other exciting news: i just found out that my sister and her 2 boys {3 yrs and 9 months} will be coming to visit next week, along with my dad and his wife ~ it will be so great to have them all together here.

happy friday :)

{pop in here for yesterday's creative space}


lamina @ do a bit said...

I love the sneak peaks... they look gorgeous! I would be hard to not get stuck into work with those sample sitting around looking at you!! at least you can do a little bit :)

It's so nice to have family around... have fun :)

june at noon said...

It's such a colorful space this week, makes me happy! I'm so excited to see those fabrics. I think you're wise to go with the pre-order bit.

Erika Lee Sears said...

Happy Friday :) I always love sneak peaks!

annamaria said...

Love the sneak peaks too!
Hope you are having fun!(and actually resting a little too!)XX

ElisabethAndree said...

Love the colors....I would love to see more!

Sweet Mess said...

I wonder what people will turn your art into... The samples look really intriguing!


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