Friday, August 21, 2009

saturday shopping list . saved by the little black dress

1. stand still . leoadesignstudio
2. silkscreen printed and hand embroidered tote . rachelpeloquin
3. original mixed media piece . dstrzynski
4. ruched linen dress . tortillagirl

** images from the shops listed.

to see more etsy saturday shopping lists, visit fancypicnic :)


Kylie said...

Love all those works, and of course, the LBD! Just gorgeous, Belinda! :) K

vadjutka said...

I love your shopping lists...can I come with you shopping next time? :-)

TortillaGirl said...

I've found some new favorites here. What a great list. I'm honored to have my dress in the mix.

Love your shop, your work is awesome.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Everyone needs a little black dress, and this one is fit for every occasion! Love all the items on your list!

Star of the East said...

Wonderful collection!

viltk said...

I love to shop!! Great findings!

Jennifer Mullin said...

I'm in love with everything in this post! Thanks for turning me on to some new favorites.

Amanda Nicole said...

Fantastic red tote!

Jack said...

I love to shop!! Great findings!Wonderful collection too..
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