Friday, August 14, 2009

saturday shopping list . a few things i'd love to have!

1. a perfect view - fine art photograph by susannah tucker on etsy . susannah tucker
2. original block no. 3 by mimidoodles on etsy . mimidoodles
3. the letter bag in gunmetal gray by moop on etsy . moop
4. hooded jacket by retrokinder on etsy . retrokinder

** all images from the shops listed.

to see more etsy saturday shopping lists, go to fancypicnic.

ps ~ not sure why everything is underlined!!


elsiee said...

lovely list - the photograph is gorgeous!!

vadjutka said...

I love all your shopping lists!

Ooty said...

great shop list!!!

caramela said...

What fun! :)

kate said...

oooh i love that bag! bit of a splurge, but i do NEED a new bag... :)


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