Friday, August 14, 2009


today was about trying to take photos of my new work {and lots of cleaning up in the process}.
melbourne is a funny place {season and whether-wise} and the light is just so tricky in winter with the axis of our terrace! but today was lovely and sunny ~ so i made it my goal to get this task done. but somehow i just couldn't catch the the right light or detail in these paintings. too red, too blue and/or too blurry to fix in photoshop! mmm, if you have any advice or tips on getting around this, i'd be most grateful :)

some fun news: you can see my first ever guest post on stephanie's blog.
some shop news: as part of the etsy weekend deal, i'm having free ww shipping this weekend.
a thanku to Katherine at woollywotnots for featuring my brooch on 'pink friday'
+ a favourite link this week {found via designmilk}

happy friday!


goldenbird said...

Hi! Just stopped by after seeing your brooch on Katharine's blog. It's gorgeous, I love it. I've enjoyed reading your blog and will definately be back!

June rhymes with moon said...

All I can offer is...good luck on that :) I think my pictures turn out ok when I use lights (I inherited a nice set of old studio floodlights) and I check the white balance on my camera. None of the settings ever seem quite right, so I have to use the "custom white balance" setting. But I do as much as I can on the scanner because I'm never all that happy with the photos.

caramela said...

I am a scanner girl too! Sometimes I feel like the blind photographer-
nothing turns out as I would like it! Good luck!
loved the link-glorious colour!
And I will visit Stephanie's blog for your interview! Congrats!
By the way, I couldn't see where your email is and I would love to have a 'mini-interview-on a Monday' with you on my blog as well. Would you be interested? my e-mail is
Have fun,

Amanda Nicole said...

Love the little wood pieces, they really compliment your gorgeous work :)

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Congrats on the guest post! It looks great. I think I'm going to ask for early morning cake on my birthday next year.

Kylie said...

Hi Belinda! I also know what you mean re photographing work... sometimes it's just inexplicable, isn't it? Congratulations on your interview. Exciting that Annamaria wants to do one with you too! Lovely links + lovely work... thank you :) K


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