Monday, September 5, 2011

water colour

the top 2 are the exercises from dawn tan's class last week ~ i feel like i got turned on my head {which is a good thing!}. i always feel a shake up when i look in to the technical side of painting/drawing. it feels so the opposite of intuition ~ but good things will come of it. it'll just take time!

the approach was to start without any drawn lines, building up layers of colour. and as with dawn's style, the looser the better. i'm looking for more looseness in my work but as you might've heard me mention before, i find it hard to deliberately make looseness. then there's having the right amount of water and paint on the brush . . .

the bottom one is the beginning of an exercise from heather smith jones' book 'water, paper, paint'. a different approach again, but a more familiar place to muck around and practice. the kids and i had a play on the weekend ~ they were so keen to be taught what i learned.

hope your week has started out ok :)

ps. the lines in the top one are by dawn.


june at noon said...

"Loose" is so hard! Three weeks of Carla Sonheim's classes this Summer really helped me with that, I think. I just hope it lasts! :)

lamina @ do a bit said...

Wow... Great work!! Watercolour is a tricky beast! I'm so envious of your class with Dawn! :) I think it is really good to be turned on your head... gets you to look at things differently hey!! I am in pursuit of looseness too... soo hard! Heather's book is so excellent! Love your last watercolour, gorgeous shapes and colours! :)

Christina said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience. I can't wait to see the direction your work will take in the future as you continue to challenge yourself. :)

Kiele Gregoire said...

agreed! the looser the better. it's hard to let your head get to that place, but once you do... magic. i love these, the last one is breathtaking.


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