Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fabric ~ inspired by

'inspired by' fabric ~ available as a pre-order* here.
* the order for this fabric will be placed on friday september 16. thanks for your patience while i slowly build up my collection. i see the pre-order as a way to test the designs ~ and a learning curve for me: i can only guess which designs people will like :)


holly aka golly said...

Belinda, Your work looks fabulous on fabric! Congratulations!

Kylie said...

Just gorgeous Belinda. I love the ideas you have - this one is utterly divine. Reminds me of a 50s kitchen somehow... it must be the star pattern and some long ago memory from my grandmother's place!! ;) I've been meaning to say, did you want to borrow my Repeat Patterns book? I can post it down and when you're finished just post it back...? An idea. Have a great week! Kx

Meeling said...

Fantastic Belinda!!

I agree with Kylie...totally reminds me of the 50's! Absolutely love the retro feel to it. :-)


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