Monday, August 11, 2008

three books and a review

in 2004 when i brought my maternity leave forward by a couple of months i bought this book. i had plans to learn new techniques, make heaps of things and paint. the book {which is excellent} still sits on the shelf – it's for people who are streets ahead of me. i don't have a massive studio set up with all the appropriate equipment for starters.

last week my son, who is nearly 4, and i made this book with a recycled floridex box, some paper, a potato and some red acrylic paint. it was lots of fun to make together and it inspired me want to learn a thing or two about hand printing. . .

printing by hand by lena corwin is a great book. it's right up my alley and it is full of projects and techniques that can actually be created and achieved at home. the projects are varied and they are things that i want to make. i love it! the instructions are clear and easy to follow and her style is frank and informative. there are lots of tips that could save a frustration and too much trial and error {i'm hoping}. and best of all the book looks good – it's beautifully photographed and made.
i bought if from amazon.
i was interested to find that lena corwin has a website and a stylish blog
happy reading and making!


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