Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i've added this print to the shop. colouring these prints are what i have been busying myself with in my available time this week!
i went to see the kat mcleod exhibition {'the tiniest spark' - another bjork fan! her title is taken from a bjork song} today which was really great. i particularly enjoyed the video of her putting together a couple of the pieces – it was sped up and shot from above so you just see her hands working so neatly and in such a skilled way. it was inspirational and mesmerising at the same time!
i also found the new third draw down shop next door {it's amazing how much gertrude street has changed in the last year or so, for the better}.
actually it was a lovely day of art and sunshine for me and my smallest boy.

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Simone said...

What a great print! Will take a peek at your shop when I got a little more time on my hands...


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