Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 things . sneak peak

i've been working on this new one on and off for quite a few months ~ it's a pencil drawing that i've digitally coloured. there are a few versions of it and lots of other drawings i'd like to colour ~ i think this one is my favourite so far. i'd love to know what you think!

also, the lovely ann, and kristina have passed on the kreative blog award to me {thanku both!} which entails listing 7 things about myself and passing it on to 7 others :) here goes:

* i love mangoes + mango gelati {with chocolate gelati}
* i'll never ever get in another cable car or on another ferris wheel ever. very scared!
* although i like the idea of laptops, i actually can't stand using them
* i want to live near the beach one day, and travel to canada and america, and around many countries in europe!!
* i had a motorbike when i was a kid
* onions give me headaches
* i wish that quarkxpress was part of adobe's creative suite~ i really miss it!!

i'm passing this on to annamaria, evie, elk, leah, cathy, caroline, and mady.


Kylie said...

This is so beautiful Belinda :) I just love the delicacy in your work. So many of the items in your list are totally me too! Kx

handmade romance said...

oh i like this new piece very lovely!
thanks for the award too. i will be sure to play along. i love dried mango - yummo : )

A Beautiful Party said...

yay for seven things!
and yes! isn't joanna newsom's new cd amazing? I can't get the good intentions paving company song out of my head.

our little love nest said...

Love this post! (I owe you some long overdue art from the art trade...please forgive me)
I had a motorbike too when I was a kid. If you do visit Canada, Vancouver is the city to is beautiful! xo

Cathy said...

Belinda, this design would be lovely on fabric. A tea towel perhaps?

Thank you for the Kreativ Blog Award!

caroline said...

thank you so much belinda! i cheated a tiny bit and nominated you right back, but you've already done your 7 things. :) love your blog, you know.

caramela said...

Hi Belinda, thank you for the award! I wanted to tell you Dee is totally right, you have to come to Vancouver and stay with us!(We are very nice to our guests, I promise!)
Love this drawing- your work is constantly evolving Belinda- what a lovely thing!
Annamaria xx

june at noon said...

Very pretty. I'm really drawn to the color combination.

June rhymes with moon said...

It's really interesting! I like the way that digitally coloring it changes the line quality and the mix of hand drawn lines with the geometric hard edges on the yellow circles is really nice together. I think if it were me I would either get rid of the paper texture around the objects or leave it all over...but it's up to you really :)

inaluxe said...

fabulous reading.... i love mangoes, and I want a laptop, and i think the perfect place to live is the beach! :) I love the delicacy of this new work. It's very soft, and they almost look as if they are gently mvoing. Almost like an optical illustion, but not on first glance. :) xo have a fab day, bet you're loving the new driving thing! :)

red or gray art said...

oh ! that's me there...i will come up with a list soon...thanks for thinking of me

mady dooijes said...

gorgeous, so subtle, delicate + fresh...
thank you so much for the award i feel flattered. i'll get onto it, hopefully soon.


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