Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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today i made the listing for the 2011 calendar ~ very excited to have it finished.

i thought i might be fun to list it as a pre~order to start with and include a free 13th collage print. sadly, i can't add an extra month to the year, as much as i'd love to have a spare/extra month!
{the 13th one is the bottom right in the last image}.

i made a couple of changes to the format this year ~ the size and shape is the same, but it now hangs from a loop of blue lacy yarn {which can come off} and i've added a design detail to the dates area. the detail is light olivey lime green ~ not quite as bold as it looks in the blogger version of the image . . . just to divide the dates up a little.

also, there was a method to the image~month matchup this year: i chose an image for each of my family members! i've had this habit from childhood ~ checking to see if my favourite happens to be on my birthday month and was so happy when my oldest son made a request for the november image! hope you like your month! {read top left to right, then bottom left to right ~ clicking on these takes you to flickr for better viewing}.

for more creative spaces and to play along, visit kirsty.

happy creating :)


Casie said...

I love the layout of the days, the olive works really well and the dotted line is a nice touch.

Kathryn Mitchell said...

I like the bubbles on the 13th collage :) Thank you for your comment, today's been a rather wobbly day. I appreciate your nice works :)

74 Lime Lane said...

well done, it looks fantastic. I just shot my last photo for mine this evening ~ I shall finish it yet, hopefully in time for new year

AnastasiaC said...

looks great! you're SO organised - well done!

ELK said...

i so could use that 13th month..when you figure that out will be your calendar /art

karuski said...

Congrats on finishing the new calendar, it has fresh looks!

June rhymes with moon said...

Wow, it came together really well! Just beautiful :)

june at noon said...

Very cool. I like how you matched the months to family members.

Galit said...

These are so beautiful!! Love your subtle designs so much. Make me feel calm. I reckon it's the best quality you'd like from a calendar isn't it?

freshlychopped said...

beautiful! i love how you went about matching up the months to images!


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