Thursday, November 17, 2011

our creative space ~ late!

about 4pm yesterday i thought to myself ~ umm, it's thursday!! finding myself under piles of paper and lists this week. . . all in preparation for the upcoming markets, craft hatch and sisters' market. also a couple of wholesale christmas orders happening. {apologies if i haven't popped in lately!}.

last night our littlest fell out of bed and fractured his collar bone! his bed is really not far off the ground, so i can't quite picture how it resulted in an almost broken bone! kind of added to the general feeling of craziness here!

happy friday! hope you had a fun and creative week :)

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ArtMind said...

Good luck on all your markets, Belinda! try to stay sane. ;)

74 Lime Lane said...

oh your poor little man! my 7yo falls out of bed a lot ~ luckily we have floorboards and they tend to "bounce"!

lamina @ do a bit said...

Oh no... poor little thing... ouch!!! Hope he will be ok soon!
Good luck with the markets :D

Kristen Donegan said...

Oh that stinks for your boy! I bet he just landed in a really awkward way- ouch!
Nothing like adding some extra crazy to the crazy pot.
I hope your markets are all a big success!

Meeling said...

Crazy busy time of year!! Good luck with all your markets.

So sorry to hear about your little guy...somehow those things always happen in the weirdest way...been there as a Mom of boys a few times over the years! ;-)

june at noon said...

Oh, poor kiddo! It's amazing how just the right circumstances make a broken bone or injury in a situation that seems like it would be impossible. I hope he's recovering quickly, and that you're doing ok, too!

Ann said...

Aww, can totally relate as the same thing happened to one of our boys when he was two. Your feature on Bespoke brought me over... anyone who works with paper is of interest to me. Lovely!


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